New World Order

The Great Reset: Introduction

Heaven has a plan. One could easily be demoralized if they are just seeing the negative news and ignoring Heaven’s plan. Our Lady is exposing and dismantling these groups, and she names her target specifically. Heaven will defend their people and we have to trust what Our Lady is telling us.

The Division of Opinion on Archbishop Vigano

Enter Archbishop Vigano. Carlo Maria Vigano was born in 1941 in Varese, Italy, and was ordained a priest in 1968. His chosen motto for his priesthood is, “I know Him in who I believed” (2 Timothy 1:12). Vigano today is the new lightening rod of controversy with a worldwide audience.

The Battle of the Ages: Heaven Identifies Its Target

History has rhythms of ebbs and flows, and is the natural course of all prior civilizations. America at this point in time is no different from previous empires, from those that have risen and fallen. There are times of tranquility, peace, and prosperity that often transition to times of confusion and war.

Ukraine and the Prophecies of War

Over the last year several years and more so just recently, Ukraine is again in the international crosshairs causing great consternation and grief. Several key questions must be asked? Why is it so important to the United States? And what can the U.S really do about it if Putin decides to invade Ukraine? What would the war look like and who would be involved? How far will it go into Europe with its repercussions?

“Never Go to War over an East European Cause”

Let me unravel the muddled thinking of Francis Xavier Maier who in a piece today that he wrote for “The Catholic Thing” declared it would be obscene “if Ukrainians ignored the memory of Russian criminality in their country for the sake of a dubious peace.” Maier infers but does not declare that the U.S. should provide Ukraine military aid; and he chides various conservative voices on the American right who caution restraint in this regard.