Overcoming One’s Root Sinful Tendency

To grow spiritually it is important to recognize and combat one’s root sin or sinful tendency. The root sin is that basic tendency or weakness that is at the deepest core of one’s sins and sinful inclinations. Recognizing and combating one’s root sinful tendency is vital if one is to grow spiritually.

Dollars and Sense

In August 1972 I was a successful businessman employed in the selling of life insurance. I had graduated from college ten years earlier, married, had three beautiful young children, a nice home in the suburbs and to put it modestly, …

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Do Catholics Worship Mary?

Dear John, I received your email in which you accuse me of “idolatry” for honoring the Blessed Mother Mary. You may remember that the Holy Spirit said through her, “All generations will call me blessed.” (Luke 1:48).