The Division of Opinion on Archbishop Vigano

 The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it. – George Orwell

In every generation there seems to be one clergyman who ignites the passions in people.  With that passion the response is usually stridently differing opinions. It is often explosive around that individual because the rhetoric around them is so controversial. It really isn’t that dissimilar to a polarizing politician or pope. There is often little neutrality when the person’s name comes up. That man today is arguably Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.

Previously there have been churchmen like Father Charles Coughlin (1891-1979). The firebrand had a weekly national radio broadcast that reached an estimated 30 million listeners in the 1930’s which operated under an organization called The National Union of Social Justice. This was no small audience when one estimates the population of the United States in 1930 was just 123 million people. As a man of his time, union and labor issues were at the forefront of the culture wars in the 1930’s, and he was at the center of social and religious thought for many people.

Another priest creating controversy toward the back end of the twentieth century was Father Malachi Martin (1921-1999). A man with academic credentials like few before or since, he was born in Ballylongford, Ireland in 1921, and was ordained in 1954 as a Jesuit. Up until his death, Martin was a lightening rod for many of the same reasons as Arch. Vigano is today. Depending on your world view, you either liked or disliked Father Martin. Towards the end of his life, he was arguably the most controversial priest in the world due to his writings. His book Hostage to the Devil—the Possession and Exorcism of five Contemporary Americans (1976) detailed the inner forces at work during an exorcism. His book The Jesuits—The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church (1987) was more controversial. It was clear to the reader that the Jesuits, as an order of men who had done enormous good for the Church and the world in previous generations, had lost their way, and he provided data points to back up his claim.  Martin’s last two major works more resemble the controversial issues of Arch. Vigano today. Martin’s book The Keys of this Blood: The Struggle for World Domination between Pope John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Capitalist West (1990).

Martin’s view was that there were three entities seeking to control the world stage through very dissimilar ideologies and methods; the Roman Catholic Church, Communism, and capitalism.  In 1996, Martin published Windswept House—A Vatican Novel. This was a work of historical fiction on the internal yet secretive methods to control the New World Order by a global elite network of like-minded people. The protagonist is a priest by the name of Father Gladstone from Galveston, Texas who the pope commissions to penetrate the cabal of men seeking to control the world through secret organizations. The punch line in the book is when the reigning pope asks the young priest, “to find out if it is organized.” In the end Gladstone finds out evil is deliberate and organized. Martin had a general theme in many of his books that the Vatican was totally compromised and corrupt, and infiltrated by Freemasonry. His view was there were many good men in the Church, but also some very evil men in very high positions exerting great influence. His view was that the root of the problem was Freemasonry which had penetrated deep into the interior of the Church, and corrupted it at the highest levels. Martin opined it was not redeemable other than by a supernatural spiritual event because the corruption was so widespread. Martin was a sincere believer in Garabandal, as we spoke of it at length on several occasions.

Upon Martin’s death, there was a contemporaneous voice like Martin in the same era, Father Nicholas Gruner. The torch of most controversial priest may have passed to Fr. Gruner (1942-2015) of the Fatima Apostolate when Father Martin passed.  Father Gruner died of a heart attack in 2015. Father Gruner was a humble and quiet man who never believed the Consecration of Russia was done as asked by the Blessed Mother. Father Gruner’s voice was global due to an enormous mailing list of devoted people with publications providing data on the internal dissent in the Vatican blocking the Consecration. He often said there were many high ranking prelates working against the Consecration, continually discrediting and refuting his views. His contention was the Consecration had not been done as asked, thus the world went through the pain we have seen. Father Gruner believed if the request had been fulfilled as asked, the world would have been spared much of the agony that we saw in the Twentieth Century caused by Russia spreading its errors throughout the world. Father Gruner said, mentioning Russia by name with all bishops of the world was essential for its fulfillment. He died never believing it was done as asked. There are many other clergy like Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre of the SSPX that have been controversial, but the point of this article is not to provide an exhaustive list of clergy in the center of the world storm.   

Enter Archbishop Vigano. Carlo Maria Vigano was born in 1941 in Varese, Italy, and was ordained a priest in 1968. His chosen motto for his priesthood is, “I know Him in who I believed” (2 Timothy 1:12). Vigano today is the new lightening rod of controversy with a worldwide audience. Like any man who becomes an Archbishop, he previously had many administrative positions worldwide. He was appointed Apostolic Nuncio (2011-2016) to the United States by Benedict XVI, and he personally asked Pope Benedict to be removed from consideration for the position. Benedict insisted he accept the position which he did. Upon arrival in the United States, he saw enormous corruption in the senior ranking clergy most notably Cardinal Theodore McCarrick (ordained in 1958), at that time wearing the red hat as the primate of Washington, D.C.; a very powerful diocese with access to political power just a few miles away from the Capitol dome. Vigano was in contact with Pope Benedict over the corruption of what he was seeing and began to expose the story. In the end Cardinal McCarrick was laicized over serious allegations of sexual abuse. Vigano said what was happening in the United States was epidemic with many in the hierarchy and clerical ranks who were complicit in such illicit conduct. A colossal system of patronage through networks shielded ranking clergy to continue their nefarious agenda thus enabling their activity to perpetually continue. Dissent of priests with valid concerns have been crushed by bishops abusing the vow of obedience, in essence making an abusive bishop a medieval tyrant over a fiefdom. As a result, few priests ever dissent in public lest they lose their faculty or outright removal from ministry. Many good clergy have been bludgeoned through obedience. 

Archbishop Vigano like Father Malachi Martin, was an insider who was knowledgeable of many of the stories that were being covered up by many senior ranking clergy, and wrote with great eloquence on many subjects at the center of political, social, economic, and church thought.  Most importantly, he could articulate with authority the perpetrators of the agenda.  He has been fearless in exposing the truth for the long-standing integrity of the Magisterium. Vigano said he was going to have to answer to God at judgment if he didn’t expose the truth as he saw it.  

Archbishop Vigano today is one of the very few Archbishops or Cardinals speaking with clarity on the plans and intent of the New World Order and Freemasonry in the Church, and the auto demolition of the Church from within. He sees the big picture, evil agenda, where globalists which to bring mankind, and is vocal about it. He sees the institutional rot in the body politic of the Deep State and the Deep Church. A close second speaking openly is Bishop A. Schneider, however, he is more focused on the Church rather than the wider issues geo politically. For this reason, there is so much controversy around what Vigano says. The divide over Vigano is that many cannot make the leap to his level of knowledge, and see the interior machinations of a secret agenda that is not public to the average person in the pew. Many think Arch. Vigano is swimming out of his lane, and another “conspiracy theorist.” He is anything but. Arch. Vigano is one of the few ranking prelates hacking at the roots of evil versus the tens of thousands hacking at the branches of evil. He is a modern-day John the Baptist crying in the wilderness speaking truth to power. Arch. Vigano is speaking at the institutional level of the rot and corruption around us to people of faith totally unaware of who the enemy actually is. He has awakened many from their slumber as he is so articulate. This lack of knowledge among the faithful has caused a profound confusion and lack of discipline in the world.    

If the last few years have shown us anything, it is no longer a conspiracy theory to speak on many subjects. The facts are all out in the open for all to see if people wish to look. The globalists are no longer hiding their plans. Vigano is rattling conventional Catholic thinking and some dyed in the wool Catholics find what he says too much to handle. In the prolife arena, there can be a march in Washington, D.C., where there are over one million people in the streets in protest as there was when Vice President Mike Pence addressed the March for Life rally, yet the very next day, no abortion centers were closed. A logical question must be asked, “are the methods being used effectuating change”? Arch. Vigano names the entities operating in the shadows funding and promoting these organizations.

The lies and deception have been so great by communists, some believers never saw what was coming because they didn’t believe what was happening in our culture. Many have simply failed to believe that anyone could have such an evil agenda to destroy our way of life and depopulate the earth. Many were unaware that there was an evil agenda coordinated and planned by The Deep State and Freemasonry to restructure the world in their image absent of a Divine Being. The diabolical head of freemasonry is Lucifer himself. He is the mastermind.  

My people perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

Some believers and people of good-will have been asleep for several generations, and do not fully understand that evil never sleeps. Evil has a goal “to kill, destroy, and steal” (John 10:10). Usually, a person only has to be in another’s company for a very brief time before they both see where the other stands with their world view. The violent disruption we are witnessing in the culture is that Heaven is exposing evil as wheat is separated from the chaff. The lack of speaking up when error and immorality were being promoted and taught primarily in schools has caught up with us. We didn’t just arrive here overnight. It has been a gradual decline year after year with passive people ignoring the cultural decline looking to get along, to go along, and their silence has been consent. The end goal of the globalists is to silence all dissent, and with the cooperation of big tech and big government, both maniacally destructive, we are far down that road.

We are witnessing such madness it is hard to put it into words that are descriptive enough of the events taking place in our world. Many who call themselves democrats, socialists, or progressives are not that: they have become outright pagan. Their actions are no different from Moloch offering up child sacrifice to pagan gods in ancient days. When a party that is ruling the Presidency, the House, and the Senate, passes legislation allowing the mutilation of a child by promoting transgenderism and refuses to pass legislation requiring life-giving measures to infants born alive after a failed abortion, that is not progressive, it is pagan. The narrative needs to be stated for exactly what it is. Arch. Vigano is clear on where the blame lies.

To think that a person can be fired for calling a man “confused” while masquerading as a woman shows how far off course we are morally as a nation. Today, it is the sane person who is punished. It is a mass psychosis funded by Deep State government and multinational business that is intentionally indoctrinating youth even down to the kindergarten levels of school. If anyone cannot see by now that there is a virulent ruthless evil agenda by an organized global cabal (Deep State) to overthrow the country’s core beliefs through radical ideologies, they are not seeing straight — or worse in denial of it. We are presently watching a brilliantly executed overthrow of western Christian values by trained atheistic Marxists. We are living chapter one of the book of Romans where St. Paul addressed a pagan people about their personal traits and conduct. St. Paul gives many descriptions of their behavior that look like modern day America. This is another indicator of how morally depraved and reprobate America has become. Some people cannot see the truth because they have darkened intellects, and their actions are an attempt to justify their vile beliefs and habits. Nothing is more heinous and evil than the intentional corruption of the young. At this point, the blessings of God have been removed from our country due to grievous sin. As a nation we are no longer under His “hedge of protection” (Job1:10). However, there are many God-fearing believers and patriots, but many of our leaders are evil. Our nation generally accepts fraud no matter the industry or genre.

The left and an evil cabal of people, that is now called the Deep State, along with the Deep Church of all denominations, with heavy infiltration by secret societies, have been relentlessly chipping away at our way of life for decades. They perpetuate their ideology through like-minded people promoting colleagues into positions of authority from within all types of organizations, so they may subordinate dissent from their agenda. In this respect evil is organized, and Heaven has a lot to say on the organizations promoting this diabolical plan. It is an ideology of godless people where its fruits are chaos in the streets. It is the rotten fruit of Satan’s I will not serve (non serviam). It is the mentality of a person who wishes to resist the grace of God. It is the battle of the ages, Satan v. God, good v. evil. Through millennia it plays out in the streets always in the same way. To achieve the globalist goal, God in every form must first be removed from the public square. Christian education and thought has always been in their sights, and they removed it from education first, because it is the single biggest impediment to the execution of their agenda. The brainwashing and indoctrination in government schools (public) begins earlier and earlier, as youth are now the primary target.    

The term the Great Reset is about restructuring the world in a new image of the global elites to totally control the affairs of people, and ultimately give us all a social credit score and put us in a digital cage. The United Nations, the World Economic Forum, secret societies, the world’s largest banks, managed funds larger than the GDP of most all nations on earth, governments, tech giants, multi and transnational corporations are working in unison, and could pull the switch any day to create a dystopian nightmare for citizenry of the world that is barely believable. If a nation bucks the community of nations by stepping out of bounds with independent practices, they will be cut off from trade and bank funds, sanctioned, vilified, and excommunicated and treated as an outcast. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, Yemen, Somalia, and other countries have experienced it. Not that they have all had honorable intentions, but it does show if any nation sings off key from the global consensus, there are consequences. The globalists have a simple but powerful formula. If a country will not be under globalist-approved central bank control, it will be invaded and dissolved as a country. Being in unity with the community of nations is the preeminent and primary rule for sovereign survival today. The push for climate change and green energy is a large part of the globalist plan to institute carbon credits and force digital technology surveillance for all people of the world.

Technology and government are in lockstep on the methodology and the programs to implement the Great Reset. The plan was hatched decades ago. To turn a phrase, there is a new sheriff in town. They want to rule on their terms—by any means necessary. If you disagree, they will cancel you, and thus crush you into obscurity, poverty, and oblivion. There will be one winner and one loser in this fight. There are people in control now that believe the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Christianity are obsolete and have no place in the modern world. They believe these institutions have failed us because they are outdated and have been a colossal failure, and their goal is to destroy them by any means. The invasion on the southern border should show that clearly. People speak of the democrats not having a plan to stop millions of migrants illegally crossing.  From the beginning, their plan was an open border and they lied for decades to a gullible public. Western Civilization is intentionally being deconstructed in real time. It is on such a scale few can even believe it is thinkable, never mind happening.

There is also a concerted effort to redefine marriage and family with a pagan godless agenda as well. Moral relativism over the years has allowed the venomous cancerous destruction of families at the legislative level. Sister Lucy of Fatima told Cardinal Carlo Caffara, that Satan’s final attack would be on marriage and the family. In addition, we have a group of people brainwashed to call every action racist, thus their manic push for Critical Race Theory (CRT) to indoctrinate youth, to become global citizens and servants of the state. It is the old Malthusian doctrine that there are too many people in the world. At the very root of this thinking is the concept of sustainable development: thus the need to depopulate by limiting growth. What better way than a virus to lockdown the world and instill fear among the people, and take away basic human rights. The idea goes back a long way, but in the year 1972 Dennis and Donella Meadows (Club of Rome) published a book called Limits to Growth. Its premise was continued population growth requires exponential quantities of resources in a world with a finite supply and is not sustainable. Their book gained enormous traction in academia and beyond, and in many ways launched the environmental movement that has in time been hijacked and mutated into much more radical programs.

As we progress into the near future, at some point there will be no neutrality on many more subjects than we presently see.  Man is being winnowed. We are presently in the mother of all battles. This is a battle for all the marbles and how we will move into the future. You will either be in or out depending on your response to government dictates. Tough decisions will need to be made by families. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36). We are strangers living in a strange land. Navigating in these times for a believer will be difficult, so sticking to the fundamentals of the faith for peace of soul will become paramount to maintain the mental stability and equilibrium to function. Yes, there is great hope, and we need to stand on the promises and not wobble. Jesus was not “a reed shaken by the wind,” and neither should we be.

Archbishop Vigano is speaking such profound truth it has rattled many, therefore his views are often dismissed as extreme. Heaven, with each passing day is exposing lies to the light. 

                                            Jesus I Trust in You