America and the New World Order

Covid and Its Consequences

A pastor was visiting a religion class in school and talking about the Church; he asked, “What do bishops do?” One boy raised his hand and answered, “Move diagonally.” In a sense, this answer is appropriate, for many bishops—and quite a few priests—are good at sidestepping controversial issues and remaining silent on important moral questions and societal challenges. That’s quite understandable—no one likes to risk opposition and unpopularity—but it ignores St. Paul’s directive to Timothy to be persistent in proclaiming the truth, whether convenient or inconvenient, welcome or unwelcome (2 Tm. 4:2). Moreover, Scripture warns of a severe judgment on watchmen who fail to sound the alarm when danger approaches (Ez. 33:6), and Jesus speaks of the difference between a good shepherd who protects his flock, and a hired hand who runs away when a wolf draws near (Jn. 10:11-13). Therefore I want to do my duty by talking about some crucial but controversial topics most clergy won’t touch; that’s why I’m calling this series “Ten-Foot-Pole Theology.” I’m not trying to offend anyone, but I’m also not pulling my punches or apologizing for anything I’ll be saying in these four sessions. Everything I’m presenting is carefully documented, timely and important, and—I believe—completely true.

Our society is still undergoing major changes as a result of Covid-19, making the effects of this pandemic a logical place for us to begin—especially as so much of the accepted narrative is seriously wrong or misleading. No one denies that the disease is real and dangerous; as of early May 2023, it’s caused over 6.9 million deaths worldwide, including more than 1.1 million here in the United States. In response, about 70% of the world’s population has received one or more doses of some type of Covid-19 vaccine.1 However, the danger of dying from Covid has been greatly overstated; over 94% of the deaths supposedly caused by the pandemic actually involved persons suffering from two or more other life-threatening diseases.2 Furthermore, in the name of “health care,” authorities imprisoned and isolated the elderly in nursing homes and senior care facilities; educators created a spirit of fear and helplessness in the minds of our children; the Pentagon—through its vaccine mandate—caused the largest internal division in our military since the Civil War; and politicians imposed excessive regulations and restrictions on civil liberties. Vaccines were strongly encouraged and promoted, and in many cases mandated—except for those favored groups of people who were exempt.3 The lessons from the deadly Spanish flu one century earlier were forgotten; back then millions of deaths were caused not by the pandemic itself, but by an experimental bacterial meningitis vaccine, in which unvaccinated American soldiers and civilians were unaffected—only the vaccinated died.4 

This time around, truly effective treatments for Covid were discouraged or banned outright, while ineffective ones were imposed. For instance, wearing masks—including surgical and even N95 masks—made no difference in reducing the spread of Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses—an outcome already known beforehand.5 However, safe and effective drugs—such as Ivermectin—were disparaged, all in the service of a larger, sinister agenda. According to Dr. Robert Malone, the “prescription sales of Ivermectin terrified the powers-that-be. What if the pandemic got wiped out with Ivermectin? Would that be the end of vaccine mandates, boosters, vaccine passports, and digital IDs? The end of the Great Reset? Something had to be done, and fast.”6 That something, he claims, was threatening to revoke the medical license of doctors prescribing Ivermection and other safe and effective chloroquine drugs. Also, according to another expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola, British and American intelligence agencies collaborated to remove so-called “anti-vaccine propaganda” from social media and the internet.7 All of this points to a distressing but unavoidable conclusion: the goal of the government’s response to Covid-19 wasn’t to save lives or eliminate the pandemic, but to gain greater power and control over society.

There’s increasing evidence that the Covid vaccines cause more harm than good. One group of honest and courageous doctors—in an online post called “Stop the Shot”—warned that the risk of death for persons under age thirty is greater from the vaccine than from Covid itself, and in children the incidence of paralysis resulting from the vaccine is as high as one per thousand.8 On March 2, 2022, the FDA was forced by court order to release a nine-page, single-spaced document from Pfizer listing 1291 types of serious injuries from its vaccine.  Thousands of online, newspaper, and medical journal articles from around the world have described serious or even deadly side-effects from the various Covid vaccines9 –but this information has been largely suppressed in the United States.

Dr. Robert Malone, mentioned above, is the inventor of the original mRNA vaccine technology used since the late 1980s as a form of gene therapy, and thus the foremost expert on this subject. (RNA is ribonucleic acid, and the small m stands for “messenger.”) He warns that the Covid vaccines use synthetic mRNA-like molecules, which persist in the lymph nodes for at least 60 days, and cannot easily be eliminated from the body. This, he says, “is not natural . . . and these molecules . . . are far more resistant to the enzymes that normally degrade mRNA.” 10  Also, according to Dr. Lee Merritt, the mRNA vaccine was originally tested on cats—all of whom died as a result. Another medical expert, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, states, we have “absolutely no idea what to expect from this vaccine. We have no idea if it will be effective or safe. . . . If ever you wanted to be a guinea pig for Big Pharma, now is your golden opportunity.”11 The mRNA vaccines are actually experimental gene modification treatments, and were rushed into development without adequate testing. 

The ineffectiveness of the vaccine is suggested by the fact that, in December 2021, five million Americans who were double-vaxxed and boostered still caught the omicron variant of Covid.12 Robert F. Kennedy, the chief legal counsel and chairman of Children’s Health Defense (and the third son of Bobby Kennedy, and nephew of JFK), notes that, according to Pfizer’s own testing, “if you take the vaccine, you are 48% more likely to die over the next six months than if you don’t.”13 (Incidentally, when ABC News recently interviewed him as a possible Democratic presidential candidate, it edited out his warnings against the Covid vaccine.14) There is much anecdotal evidence of the Covid vaccines causing serious or even deadly side-effects, including increases in miscarriages, birth defects, and male and female infertility.15 Many healthy individuals have had severe reactions to the vaccine, ruining their health—or worse. For instance, the number of young, healthy airline pilots who died unexpectedly soared in 2021 (causing a worldwide shortage of pilots). 2021, of course, was the year in which Covid shots were mandated for such pilots.16 

As if health problems caused by the vaccine weren’t enough, many knowledgeable commentators believe the pandemic is being used as cover for greater government surveillance and control of unsuspecting populations; some claim it’s no coincidence the letters C-O-V-I-D stand for “Certificate of Vaccination Identification.” A 1957 CIA experiment discovered that when people are ordered by the authorities to do something illegal or immoral, only 33% will resist; the other 67% will set aside their moral values and obey.17 This is frightening because, in the words of John and Nisha Whitehead of the Rutherford Institution, “By allowing government agents to establish a litmus test for individuals to be able to engage in commerce, movement, and any other right that corresponds to life in a supposedly free society, it lays the groundwork for a ‘show me your papers’ society in which you are required to identify yourself at any time to any government worker who demands it for any reason.”18 Various government leaders and officials of the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum have declared unvaccinated persons a “threat to humanity,” and Dr. Joseph Mercola revealed that, through a surveillance program designed by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), our government has been secretly tracking unvaccinated or only partially-vaccinated persons.19 Medical insurance codes are also being used for this purpose.20 

During much of the pandemic, the state of New York required anyone age 12 or older to show proof of a Covid-19 shot to enter restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, sports arenas, and other public places. Twenty-seven U.S. states and territories are planning on using SMART Health Cards to make it easy for authorities to determine one’s vaccination status. The implications are dire; according to liberal feminist author Naomi Wolf—also the CEO of a tech company—“It is so much more than a vaccine pass. I can’t stress this enough. It has the power to turn off your life. Or turn on your life. To let you engage in civil society or be marginalized. It’s catastrophic.”21 

What agenda is being served by these deadly, ineffective vaccines? Former Pfizer vice-president and chief scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon claims the Covid vaccine is part of a vast and deliberate effort to injure and kill millions of people.22 Billionaire Bill Gates is a leading promoter of the vaccine, and a few years ago he was quoted as saying, “If we do a really great job on vaccines, health care, [and] reproductive health services, we could lower [the world’s population] by perhaps 10 to 15%.”23 According to Fr. Paul Kramer of the Fatima Center, “The vaccines have very systematically been distributed to different parts of the world with the intention of killing—but not obviously. If they were to kill everyone immediately, no one would want to take the vaccine! It would have to be over time, so people will not associate in their minds—the heart attacks, strokes, complete collapse of their immune system that makes them vulnerable and susceptible to many kinds of infections after being vaccinated.

As a result of the vaccination, they will fall prey to all kinds of contagions with billions of people prematurely dying.”24 This sinister but no longer secret agenda can only be described as diabolic or evil; it is being implemented by the misnamed World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the governments of most nations of the world—including the United States.25 At one point Pope Francis had stated, “Getting vaccinated is a simple yet profound way to care for one another, especially the most vulnerable.” Early on it was possible to believe this, but now the evidence points overwhelmingly in the other direction. Being vaccinated isn’t necessarily sinful, but it may be very unwise and dangerous (which is why Heaven has allegedly provided the sacramental known as the Good Friday Oil as a remedy).

The Coming Financial Disaster

The pandemic and vaccination crisis is a golden opportunity for the global elite, or the New World Order, to increase their control over the world’s population; the same thing is also true of the coming worldwide economic crisis. Here in the United States, inflation—caused in large part by excessive and irresponsible government spending—is making everything more costly; the inflation rate in 2022 was over 9%. Spending by the federal government adds $1 trillion in new debt every six months, and the official national debt is now $32 trillion, compared to an annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of $24.6 trillion. In other words, the ratio of debt to GDP is 123%–and economists say any ratio over 100% is a serious economic danger signal.26

Also, if future entitlement payments such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are counted, the total national debt is actually about $200 trillion. Energy prices are expected to increase dramatically,27 due in large part to the Biden Administration’s continued hostility to the oil and natural gas industries. In the first half of 2022, Americans saw the value of their IRAs and 401(k)s decrease by some $3.4 trillion.28 The Federal Reserve—which in fact is not part of the U.S. government, but a privately-owned bank—attempts to “manage” the economy not for the benefit of citizens and consumers, but for the interests of Wall Street and the financial elite, often to the detriment of average Americans.29 The great industrialist Henry Ford once said, “It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Decades of living beyond our means in the form of deficit spending, along with huge and ongoing government waste, irresponsible social and financial policies, and socialistic distortions of our market economy, will eventually result in a day of reckoning—and that day may arrive very soon, here and in many other countries as well. According to Egon von Grayerz, the Swiss manager of Matterhorn Asset Management, “Regrettably, a rotten and bankrupt financial system needs to go through a cleansing period which the world will now experience. There cannot be sound growth and values until the current corrupt and debt-infested system implodes. Only then can the world grow soundly again. The transition will sadly be dramatic with a lot of suffering for most people. But there is no other way. We won’t just see poverty [and] famine but also many human tragedies.”30 More and more commentators and experts are starting to agree with him. Historian Paul Craig Roberts, for instance, notes that the international demand for U.S. dollars is shrinking, even as the Federal Reserve continues artificially increasing the money supply; this trend can only result in the dollar’s eventual collapse.31 In the words of author Michael Snyder, “Unfortunately, what we are facing is a global crisis . . . [and] at this point there is nothing that our leaders can do to stop it. For such a long time, central banks and politicians all over the world tried to cheat the system. But in the process, they made our long-term problems even worse. Now a moment of reckoning is here, and every man, woman and child on the entire planet will feel the pain.”32 (This, by the way, is why many experts recommend acquiring gold and silver as a means of preserving wealth. Some also suggest investing in crypto-currencies—but these can be dangerous because, unlike gold, silver, and other collectibles, they have no inherent value. Even worse, the U.S. government has shown increasing hostility toward cryptos.33)

The free market system is under attack—including here in the United States. All the objective data for the last two centuries demonstrates conclusively that people who live in countries with a free market economy have far greater income, wealth, and personal and political freedom, than those who live in government-controlled economies (or, put differently, living under capitalism as opposed to socialism). For instance, politically-free South Korea has a per capita GDP about thirty times greater than communist-ruled North Korea. Also, as author Walter Williams notes, “it’s the socialist nations that have murdered tens of millions of their own citizens, such as the case with the former USSR and China.”34 For over 200 years the market economy helped make America great, attracting many millions of immigrants seeking a better life for themselves and their families, and producing the wealthiest and most innovative and technologically-advanced society history has ever known. At the same time, some socialist countries, such as Venezuela today, have had trouble feeding their own people, despite abundant natural resources.

Unfortunately, many Americans—especially young people—are economically illiterate and aren’t aware of these truths (partly because of Marxist-dominated university faculties), and are being exploited politically by individuals and groups with a sinister agenda, aided and abetted by the mainstream media. This is especially true in terms of the Biden Administration’s reckless spending plans for the next decade. One expert, Mark Hendrickson, writes, “Biden’s fiscal plan [which would add another $17 trillion in debt] lies somewhere on the spectrum that ranges from appalling, unconscionable, disastrous, and insane to diabolical. . . . Biden’s plan is potentially a killer—a killer of the dollar, the economy, and possibly what is left of the American Constitution.”35

Either unknowingly or, more likely, intentionally, the Biden Administration and the political Left are helping pave the way for what’s known as the Great Reset—a global plan developed by the World Economic Forum to integrate financial, technological, political, and eventually, even religious, systems across the earth—much to the detriment of human freedom and dignity. In an open letter to President Donald Trump in October 2020, Archbishop Carlo Vigano warned, “The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health [dictatorship, beginning with] the imposition of liberticidal measures [i.e., the destruction of human freedom], hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and canceling individual debt. The price of these concessions . . . will be the renunciation of private property and adherence to a program of vaccination against Covid-19 . . . promoted by Bill Gates. . . , accompanied by the requirement of a health passport and a digital ID, with the consequent contact-tracing of the population of the entire world. Those who do not accept these measures will be confined to detention camps or placed under house arrest, and all their assets will be confiscated.”36   

Referring to the coming new global economic system, the World Economic Forum has declared, “by 2030, you will own nothing.” The head of the WEF, 85-year-old German financier Klaus Schwab, has said of the Great Reset, “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”37 Schwab is considered by many to be the puppet-master pulling the strings of Biden and other world leaders—with the ultimate goal of creating a New World Order. A major step in bringing this about will be the imposition of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)—a form of the “war on cash” in which in which everyone’s monetary savings will be replaced by electronic entries or records, accessible to the government. This will be a new currency existing only in an electronic, non-physical form. The Federal Reserve has been working with major banks to prepare such a system for implementation, using what’s called “FedCoin”—a computer financial platform able to process 1.7 million transactions per second. Not only will the government have the ability to monitor all your spending; it will also be able to freeze your account, withdraw some of your funds as a penalty, or zero out your account entirely, if you act in a way that it considers dangerous or illegal. This is already happening.38 

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