Prayer & Fasting

God’s Providential Care

All of these testimonies and stories inspire us to praise God. We do not really comprehend God’s providential care for us, His children by baptism. God stands outside of time and sees everything.

Adoration: The Supreme Gift of This Time

Events began on February 23, 1996. Sister Rosemary, accompanied by another sister, was saying the Stations of the Cross when a “very sharp, bright, and beautiful light” descended from a cloud and a “very beautiful woman” appeared. In time, she would identify herself as Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament and also Mother of the Eucharist, among other titles.

The Day God Said “Enough!”

That Saturday started out like any other. Nadine Fenwick-Brown was preoccupied as she drove up to the Women’s Clinic located on Ryerson Street near downtown. There were six procedures scheduled for that morning, the first one in under an hour, and as facility director it was her responsibility to make sure everything was ready…