The Great Reset: Introduction

***This is the introduction from Ted Flynn’s new book The Great Reset

The chapters enclosed are from articles that were written over a four-year period. The longer ones were only in Signs and Wonders for Our Times magazine, and others were posted on our website They deal with the vast secular and religious issues of our day, and what our response should be to the crisis we see in our cultural decline.  

Many were written during the Covid 19 pandemic when there wasn’t a person or family not affected to a greater or lesser degree by the disunity we witnessed over serious issues. Lines of demarcation over Covid were drawn, and there was division. The Covid 19 disruption is a dress rehearsal for far more draconian measures coming our way. At some point it will be “show me your papers” as in World War II. Next time it will be a digital version of that in some form, and if there isn’t compliance with the state, your accounts for things you do every day for a living may be deactivated and frozen.   

There are several general themes of the articles. One is the world in the midst of a transformative process that has happened before at certain points in history, but none as significant as we see now. America is seeing the changing of the guard so to speak, and this is the normal ebb and flood of civilization itself. One ruling empire is deposed and another rises. Empires are not usually conquered from without, but commit suicide from moral rot within. We are watching this in real time for the American Empire. American ideals came to the forefront after World War II and Bretton Woods, and she is fast losing global supremacy – militarily, morally and economically. It is going to be rough for many families unless they realize the Blessed Mother has said, “I have a plan for the salvation of mankind, and I come to tell you God exists.” If we study and are in prayer, we will see it.

Two, the Lord’s prescription for peace of soul is provided in Scripture for trying times. We can lead joyful and productive lives in the midst of turmoil. It must be our blueprint going forward, or we will perish emotionally. Nothing is clearer than what Yahweh told His people through the prophet Jeremiah on how to live while in captivity. It was not just a formula for then, but today as well. It is timeless advice. It is how the Lord instructed His people through the ages to preserve their traditions and faith in times of duress. Believers will need to know and practice these principles in the coming days. In spite of the negative news there is GREAT HOPE in the future which is addressed in many of the chapters. Heaven’s perspective of our times abounds in uplifting and inspirational encouragement from Scripture, historical Church teaching, and the messages of Our Lady as modern-day epistles.

A third theme discussed throughout, is how many believers allowed the depravity to escalate before they spoke up. As Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane while His apostles slept before His passion, so too believers slept thinking all was going to stay the same. The lie and deception have been so great by communists, some believers never saw what was coming, because they didn’t believe what was happening in our culture. Many have simply failed to believe that anyone could have such an evil agenda to destroy our way of life and depopulate the earth. Many were unaware that there was an evil agenda coordinated and planned by The Deep State and Freemasonry to restructure the world in their image absent of a Divine Being.

Many believers and people of good-will have been asleep for several generations, and do not fully understand that evil never sleeps. Evil has a goal to kill, destroy, and steal (John 10:10). There has been an agenda that many in the left labeled “conspiracy theory.” Calling it that was a simple and effective ploy that allowed the left/progressives to deflect from the truth. By dismissing the individual as a fool, they can manipulate the narrative. A person only has to be in another’s company for a very brief time before they both see where the other stands with their world view. Heaven is exposing evil like wheat being separated from the chaff. The agenda of Satan’s army on earth is in the open for all to see if one chooses to see it. The lack of speaking up when error and immorality were being promoted and taught primarily in schools has caught up with us. We didn’t just arrive here overnight. It has been a gradual decline year after year with passive people ignoring the cultural demise looking to get along to go along. Their silence has been consent. The end goal of the globalists is to silence all dissent, and with the cooperation of big tech we are far down that road.

We are witnessing such madness it is hard to put it into words that are descriptive enough of the events taking place in our world. Many who call themselves democrats, socialists, or progressives are not that: they have become outright pagan. Their actions are no different from Moloch offering up child sacrifice to pagan gods in ancient days. When a party that is ruling the Presidency, the House, and the Senate, passes legislation allowing the mutilation of a child by promoting transgenderism and refuses to pass legislation requiring life-giving measures to infants born alive after a failed abortion, that is not progressive, it is pagan. The narrative needs to be stated for exactly what it is.

To think that a person can be fired for calling a man “confused” while masquerading as a woman shows how far off course we are morally as a nation. It is the sane person who is punished. It is a scripted mass psychosis funded by government and multinational business that is intentionally indoctrinating youth to the kindergarten levels of school. If anyone cannot see by now there is a virulent ruthless agenda by an organized global cabal (Deep State) to overthrow the country’s core beliefs through radical ideologies, they are not seeing straight — or worse in denial of it. We are presently watching a brilliantly executed overthrow of western Christian values by trained Marxists. We are living chapter one of the book of Romans where St. Paul addressed a pagan people about their personal traits and conduct. St. Paul gives many descriptions of their behavior that look like modern day America. This is another indicator of how morally depraved and reprobate America has become. People cannot see the truth because they have darkened intellects, and their actions are an attempt to justify their vile beliefs and habits. Nothing is more heinous and evil than the intentional corruption of the young. At this point, the blessings of God have been removed from our country due to grievous sin. As a nation we are no longer under His “hedge of protection” (Job1:10). 

The left and an evil cabal of people, that is now called the Deep State, along with the Deep Church of all denominations, with heavy infiltration by secret societies, have been relentlessly chipping away at our way of life for decades. They perpetuate their ideology through like-minded people promoting colleagues into positions of authority from within all types of organizations, so they may subordinate and deflect dissent from their real Marxist atheistic agenda. In this respect evil is organized, and Heaven has a lot to say on the organizations promoting this plan. It is an ideology of godless people where its fruits are chaos in the streets. It is the rotten fruit of Satan’s declaration, “I will not serve” (non serviam). It is the mentality of a person who wishes to resist the grace of God. It is the battle of the ages, Satan v. God, good v. evil, and this is the mother of all evil. Through millennia it plays out in the streets always in the same way. To achieve the globalist goal, God in every form must first be removed from the public square. Christian education and thought has always been in their sights and removing it from education first, as it is the single biggest goal to implement their agenda.

The term the Great Reset is about restructuring the world in a new image of the global elites to totally control the affairs of people, and ultimately give us all a social credit score and put us all in a digital cage. The United Nations, the World Economic Forum, secret societies, the world’s largest banks, funds larger than the GDP of most all nations on earth, governments, tech giants, multi and transnational corporations are working in unison, and could pull the switch any day to create a dystopian nightmare for citizenry of the world that is barely believable. If a nation bucks the community of nations by stepping out of bounds with independent practices, they will be cut off from trade, bank funds, sanctioned, vilified, and excommunicated and treated as an outcast. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and other countries have experienced it. Not that they all have had honorable intentions, but it does show if any nation sings off key from the global consensus, there are consequences. The globalists have a simple but powerful formula. If a country will not be under globalist-approved central bank control, it will be invaded and dissolved as a country. Being in unity with the community of nations is the preeminent and primary rule for sovereign survival today. The push for climate change and green energy is a large part of the globalist plan to institute carbon credits and force digital technology surveillance on all people of the world.

Technology and government are in lockstep on the methodology and the programs to implement the Great Reset. The plan was hatched decades ago. To turn a phrase, there is a new sheriff in town. They are going to rule on their terms. If you disagree, they will cancel you, and thus crush you into obscurity, poverty, and oblivion. There will be one winner and one loser in this fight. There are people in control now that believe the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Christianity are obsolete and have no place in the modern world. They believe these institutions are a sinking ship because they are outdated and have been a colossal failure, and their goal is to destroy them by any means. The collapse has not been from a staccato randomness, but coordinated and planned.  The invasion on the southern border should show that clearly. People speak of the democrats not having a plan to prevent millions of migrants illegally crossing into the U.S. From the beginning, the democratic plan was an open border and they lied for decades to a gullible public. Western Civilization is intentionally being deconstructed in real time. It is on such a scale, few can even believe it is possible, never mind happening.  

There is also a concerted effort to redefine marriage and family with their heinous godless agenda as well. Moral relativism over the years has allowed the venomous cancerous destruction of families at the legislative level. Sister Lucy of Fatima told Cardinal Carlo Caffara that Satan’s final attack would be on marriage and the family. In addition, we have a group of people brainwashed to call every action racist, thus their manic push for Critical Race Theory (CRT) to indoctrinate youth to become better global citizens and servants of the state. It is the old Malthusian doctrine that there are too many people in the world. At the very root of this thinking is the concept of sustainable development; thus the need to depopulate by limiting growth. What better way than a virus to lockdown the world and instill fear among the people and take away basic human right. The idea goes back a long way, but in the year 1972 Dennis and Donella Meadows (Club of Rome) published a book called Limits to Growth. Its premise was continued population growth requires exponential quantities of resources in a world with a finite supply and is not sustainable. Their book gained enormous traction in academia and beyond, and in many ways launched the environmental movement that has in time been hijacked and mutated into much more radical and godless programs.

As we progress into the near future, at some point there will be no neutrality among people. Man is being winnowed. This is a battle for all the marbles and how we will move into future generations. You will either be in or out depending on your response to government dictates. Tough decisions will need to be made by families. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36). We are exiles living in a strange land. Our Lady has said to her followers, “Right when it appears Satan is the victor, his victory will be snatched away in a trice.” Trice means quickly or in an instant. Our Lady has also said about her followers, “You are apostles of the last times.” Navigating in these times for a believer can be difficult, so sticking to the fundamentals of the faith for peace of soul will become paramount to maintain the mental stability and equilibrium to function. Yes, there is great hope, and we need to stand on the promises and not wobble. Jesus was not “a reed shaken by the wind,” and neither should we be.

Heaven has a plan. One could easily be demoralized if they are just seeing the negative news and ignoring Heaven’s plan. Our Lady is exposing and dismantling these groups, and she names her target specifically. Heaven will defend their people and we have to trust what Our Lady is telling us. To usher in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, we will see the old pass away, and this is the process that we are watching now. It is painful to watch and endure, but people must be purified as dross is removed from gold so it becomes pure. It is uplifting and encouraging to know her plan. Our Lady has told us, “All has Been Reveled to You” and we have been given “the full and entire truth.” People following what Heaven has been telling us, and specifically what The Blessed Mother has said repeatedly should not be surprised by the events we see around us, even though they are so incredulous. Before we see the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, our era must pass. This process to walk Calvary will be painful, but the Church must pass through it. We are then promised to see the New Era, the New Times, the New Jerusalem, and the Second Pentecost.

Nothing is more comforting than what has been prophesied at Garabandal, Spain. Promises await us for a reversion of millions of people to the ways of God. Our Lady came and gave over 2,000 messages to four young visionaries in the mountains of northern Spain from 1961-1965. These prophesied events will shake the world like nothing before in history. Many have expected the events before this time, but current events seem to be pointing that they may now be closer. Heaven is seldom early, but never late. Satan knows his time is short, thus we see the unrestrained torrent of evil. However, right when all appears lost, it will be The Woman Clothed with the Sun (Revelation 12:1-6) who crushes the head of the serpent. It will be the culmination and fruition of Genesis 3:15, “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”

Nothing will be more of a bounteous display of grace than the Warning and the Great Miracle that has been prophesied to come with the genesis of events that originate from that small mountain village in Garabandal, Spain. It will change life as we know it. There will be no more than one year between the two events. It will be HEAVEN’S ULTIMATE ACT OF MERCY for a wayward people. It will be so spectacular it will change life as we know it.

The Blessed Mother has said what is coming will be the greatest miracle since the creation of the world. We don’t know exactly what that is, but we do have some clues. It will be so significant, we will measure time with the event much in the same way we measure time now Before Christ (BC) and After Christ (AD). The Warning will show every person on earth the state of their soul as God will see it a judgment. All will know they are in a Divine Presence of unexplainable love. It has several names: the warning, a judgment in miniature, a life review, a correction of conscience, and an illumination of conscience. Heaven will meet the evil in the world on Heaven’s terms because, “Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more” (Romans 5:20).

A great day soon awaits us. We must embrace the future with faith and hope that Heaven knows our circumstances and hears our cries.“Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13). We must endure the fight until the end with vigilance, temperance, fortitude, hope and the faith like those before us. Scripture informs us, In the End We Win.

Ted Flynn

May 1, 2022

The Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker, Patron of the Universal Church & Families

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