Roe V. Wade Overturned on The Anniversary of The Greatest Enemy of The Church

On June 24, 2022, a day of grace brought euphoria to many pro-life advocates who have fought for years on end to stop the curse and scourge of abortion on our land. The Supreme Court of the United States released the long-awaited Dobbs decision on abortion, thus overturning Roe at the Federal level bringing the decision back to the states. The decision was released on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, the 41st anniversary of the apparitions of Medjugorje, and the birthdate of deceased Nellie Gray, the founder of The March for Life (1974). There is still a way to go with some states still allowing it, but it’s a victory none the less

However, there is one other date of great significance that took place many years ago, few will have full appreciation. The Premier Grand Lodge of England was founded on June 24, 1717, as the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster. It became known as the Grand Lodge of England. Up until that date, there had been smaller Freemasonic, and disparate splinter groups using the principles of the Enlightenment ideals of reason that originated years prior. The groups met in London taverns, where they usually took the tavern name to identify their group. They met in private to network and help each other for business purposes to promote their own political and social agenda in stealth. It was on June 24, 1717, when a Grand Master was elected, thus consolidating smaller groups thus codifying, and eventually creating a world-wide institution for its members.

Over time this group of secret societies has had a stranglehold on America, and primarily over Western nations political, business, church, and government institutions. Masonic lodges evolved to what is now called the Deep State. The object of Freemasonry is to embed themselves in all types of powerful groups to have influence in their direction, for ultimately their own private gain.

One of the lodges to join the newly formed Grand Lodge in London was called the Gridiron. The Gridiron has been an important club in Washington, D.C. since it was founded in 1885 by heads of the print journalists and the large newspapers of its day. It hosts an annual dinner that is known as one of the most prestigious events of the year to attend in Washington, D.C. Its membership is by invite only, which has been reserved for major news services.

Every president since 1885 except Grover Cleveland has spoken at the dinner. I find it interesting of all the names they could have chosen, the name The Gridiron Club was the nom du jour for Washington’s elite. Anyone who has studied Freemasonry knows how important it is for them to control the narrative, and what has been more powerful historically than the media outlets? Yesterday it was the newspapers, today it is social media with all of its tentacles that reach deeply into politics and all other areas of life.  

Enter The Blessed Mother and Her Agenda

For those following what Heaven has been saying for generations, they are possibly aware what the Blessed Mother said to Father Stefano of the Marian Movement of Priests in a very famous message called In the Name of Mary (Number 456, c-f), dated September 12, 1991. It reads:

In the name of your heavenly Mother, yes in the name of Mary, the Turks were defeated when they laid siege to the city of Vienna and threatened to invade and destroy the whole Christian world. They were far superior in strength, in numbers and in weapons, and they felt that their victory was assured. But I was publicly invoked and called upon; my name was inscribed upon their banners and shouted out by the soldiers, and thus through my intercession, there took place the miracle of this victory which saved the Christian world from its destruction. It is for this reason that the Pope, on this day, instituted the feast The Name of Mary.

In the name of Mary, Marxist Communism, which for decades has been exercising its rule and holding so many of my poor children in oppressive and bloody slavery, has been defeated in these countries. Not because of political movements or persons, but through my personal intervention, has your liberation finally come about.

It will again be the name of Mary that I will bring to completion my work with the defeat of Masonry, of every diabolical force, of materialism, and of practical atheism, so that all humanity will be able to attain, its encounter with the Lord and be thus purified and completely renewed, with the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world. 

It is for this reason that I desire that the feast in honor of the name of Mary be restored, now that you are entering into the fiercest moments of the struggle and the most painful stage of the great tribulation. 

In light of the SCOTUS Dobbs decision June 24, this message is volcanic. The abortion industry has had billions poured into their efforts. MacKenzine Bezos (now Scott) recently donated $275 million to Planned Parenthood, the single largest donation in its history. She among others like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, have donated tens of millions each. It has been believer vs. unbeliever, the slingshot of David vs. the club of Goliath, to defeat this enemy. Yet, it is now the time where the Blessed Mother is controlling the narrative as evil is being exposed. The above message was given in 1991.

During this time, Heaven has had their own plan to expose the corruption. There is no area where an individual cannot see just how evil is operating.  It is now out in the daylight for all to see if they choose to look and acknowledge it. Our Lady is in the process of dismantling Freemasonry like she dismantled the Turkish fleet at Lepanto, the Berlin Wall, Marxist Communism, and the godless Soviet Empire from 1992-1994 during glasnost. The pus is coming out now by the bushel basket. Until the boil is lanced, the body can’t heal. All of the corruption and evil being exposed is a positive sign. The Blessed Mother said at Medjugorje, “I have a great plan for the salvation of mankind,” and this exposure of evil is an element of that statement.

The Blessed Mother never said in the above message her target was Russia/Ukraine, China, the Korean Peninsula, the Persian Gulf, Iran, Islam, Israel, Iraq, or the corrupt government of the United States, and the world. Our Lady specifically said the target in her sights was Freemasonry. This is a fascinating message and one can now see its truth in hindsight. Most know little about the Masonic agenda, nor do they know how it operates behind the scenes, yielding immense authority. But it is very active in all spheres; business, political, education, entertainment, media, academia, and religious denominations. 

The saddest part of all, is how so few listen to what Our Lady says. She is not coming to humanity for tea and crumpets. She has a plan to save the world from itself because she is a Mother who loves her children. At approved apparition sites, she is never wrong, always laying a blueprint for all the ailments of our culture, and how to remedy and heal what is wrong. Yet, some people are dismissive when Her words are injected in the conversation. Often, the individual is thought of less intelligent than the secular pundit giving an analysis of the same event. Yet, not one is as incisive, nor as accurate as what Our Lady says for anyone willing to listen.

                                                JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU