Miracles & Inspiration

And Out of the Tempest God Spoke

There may not be another book in the Bible as confusing to many people as the Book of Job. I have never heard anyone ever say, “I wish I could have a life like Job,” because of the pain and difficulties that he endured in his life.

“Come, Infant Jesus!”… “He came!”

The following is the story of a marvelous miracle that occurred just before Christmas 1956 in Communist-occupied Hungary. It is a true story which demonstrates how powerful the prayers of children are.

From Porn Addict to Founder of Road to Purity

“It was roughly eight years after my affair, and in some ways things with my wife had gotten back to normal. Yet there was very little intimacy, and she still seemed to resent everything I did. There was still anger and pain over what had happened. Time had moved on, but we never completely dealt with my actions…”

The Rosary Miracle of Manila, Philippines, 1986

The events in the Philippines began in February 1986, as the virtual twenty-year dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos came to an abrupt and unexpected end through a series of strange events

A Modern Day Eucharistic Miracle

At 7 o’clock in the evening on August 18, 1996, Fr. Alejandro Pezet was saying Holy Mass at a Catholic church in the commercial center of Buenos Aires. As he was finishing distributing Holy Communion, a woman came up to tell him that she had found a discarded host on a candleholder at the back of the church. On going to the spot indicated, Fr. Alejandro saw the defiled Host.

The Disguise of God

“God has a plan for each soul and carries it out very successfully. But it is well disguised under the name of misfortune, illness, and spiritual weakness.”

Masses for the Living, Too!

Is a Mass offered for one who is still living more powerful than a Mass celebrated for that person after he or she has died?

Joy, Laughter and Holiness

According to St. Francis of Assisi, “When spiritual joy fills hearts, the serpent throws off his deadly poison in vain. The devils cannot harm the servant of Christ when they see he is filled with holy joy.”