Blessed Carlo Acutis: A Model of Holiness

Carlo Acutis, an English-born Italian Catholic youth, was beatified by the Catholic Church in Assisi, Italy on October 10, 2020. His life is inspiring, not only for young people, but for every Christian.

St. Joseph “The Protective Father”

Joseph faithfully and obediently accepted the will of God, and he fulfilled God’s trust in him by caring for, protecting, and guarding God’s greatest treasures upon earth: Jesus and Mary. In the Gospel, St. Joseph was called to be the husband of Mary, and in accepting to do so, he was also taking the responsibility to take charge of and protect Jesus as his son.

Pray for Our Country: Novena to St. Anthony

On one occasion, a visitor saw Anthony enraptured and holding the infant Jesus in his arms. The two seemed to be surrounded by a heavenly mist. The report of this vision inspired many depictions of the saint after his death. He is often shown in art holding the infant Jesus in his arm because of this famous apparition with the Christ child.

Signs & Wonders for Our Times