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Visit of Our Mother of Compassion and Love: May 15, 2020

Our Lady: O my little children, how much joy you have brought to your heavenly Mother by coming together at my request. My little ones, you could never understand how much I love you, and how I am with you. I know, my little ones, that you are undergoing many trials, and that it is difficult for you…

Messages to Janie Garza on the Family

The evil one will attempt to destroy many through drugs, fornication and unhealthy relationships. Pray for your children, pray for your children. A family must pray together every day and love one another.

Signs, Secrets and Prophecies: Road to the Triumph

All darkness will be gone and the light of God will shine in the hearts of men and women of faith. Joy will reign in the hearts of those chosen by God and there will be only one flock and one shepherd.

Summer 2013 Newsletter

I desire that you give My message to the world for its guidance because the world’s inhabitants have much to endure. My hand is close, very close to the world in My justice. There are many in your world who plot for its disaster. The poor will be crushed beyond your imagination.