Summer 2013 Newsletter

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January 26, 2013

The following message was received by Christina Gallagher on 26th January 2013 and was read out at Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer Achill on Saturday 9th February to the people attending the Novena in honour of the Most Blessed Trinity.

Jesus spoke to Christina:

“My little one, how My Sacred Heart yearns to console you and to fill you with peace.

I desire that you give My message to the world for its guidance because the world’s inhabitants have much to endure. My hand is close, very close to the world in My justice. There are many in your world who plot for its disaster. The poor will be crushed beyond your imagination.

The pope’s life is in great danger from some, even those close to him. Many within My Church do not listen to him or follow what he says to them anymore. There are many cardinals and bishops who do as they desire, not My Will. The priests are lost for guidance and many stray into godless situations where I am pushed aside. I am Jesus their Lord and I thirst for them to fulfill their calling and the union of My priesthood. How I lovingly gave My life for all and they repay Me with constant disrespect and ridicule through sin which draws down upon your world My justice in purification. Because Truth is not lived or propagated, many are led to sin and so My justice must come to your world. You, my people draw this upon yourselves from My Father.

My little one, be alert because there are many around you that cannot be trusted. There are many who smile to your face but mock and criticise you when you turn away. I do not want such behaviour from those who should make you welcome because you bear My word in truth. They will truly enter My justice. O how I have given to them My mercy many times. My Mother sorrows for Her children who do not want to know Her or listen to the truth of Her messages and call throughout the world for the saving of their souls. My little one, I am sad and I sorrow about those who were in charge of bringing about the House you are in for your protection. Its destruction came about through some who were nonbelievers in Truth or in Me. If people had prayed for My Wisdom, they would have known and responded as they should and all would be protected but this was not done and it leaves you insecure and unable to do My work in the manner I desire.

I, too, had no place to lay My head. I went from place to place to fulfil My Father’s work and Will but you must be still and protected to give to the world My guidance in the times that are very close at hand. My dear vessel, I fill you with the guidance and wisdom to lead all who believe in Me. There are many distractions but there are also a few people with ways and means to distribute My message and that of My Mother to the world but their hearts are closed to you and they blot out My Truth. They choose to respond to places of their own desire and do not search for proof of the Truth. In this work how I have left so much proof! I have given much truth of what is to come to the world as My Mother has given much that has been fulfilled but those who have the ability to make it known to the world have reneged to do so. This is because their hearts were opened not to Light or Truth but only to lies and the deception of the evil one who desires to poison and destroy all.

My vessel, I am grieved for those who have taken from what was meant to protect you from the very start until now. They will have much to regret and lament when they are drawn into My justice.


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