Maureen Flynn

The Victorious Queen of the World

Over 400 years ago, Our Lady appeared to a woman named Venerable Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres (1563-1635), a sister of the Conceptionist order in Quito, Ecuador, as Our Lady of Good Success. Our Lady gave Venerable Mother Mariana many visions and messages about the church and mankind in the 20th century.

The Power of the Holy Souls in Purgatory

“Though the Holy Souls cannot merit for themselves, they can obtain for us great graces. Through the sweet providence of God, they can obtain for us outstanding favors, and deliver us from evils, sickness and dangers of every kind”

Mother Angelica: A Modern Day Saint

Several months after my husband and I wrote The Thunder of Justice in 1994, we received a call from EWTN asking if we would come down to EWTN and meet with Mother. We admired Mother Angelica as she was not afraid to speak the truth in a time when many did what was politically correct.