Satan’s Gambit Trilogy

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Book 1: “Under our new banner which now flies above us all, we will truly have freedom, equality, and fellowship among men and women … Freedom of sexual partners, freedom of recreational pharmaceuticals. Everyone will be equal in all financial matters … Tolerance and equality are to be our watchwords. And unity with Mother Gaia our touchstone.”

The crowd went wild, cheering, clapping…

Satan’s Gambit—more fact than fiction—explains what caused this transformation in America. Dr. Gene Conti’s story takes place on an imaginary college campus in the near future where Dr. Lucci leads his charges. The students experience a fresh realization of what has occurred in the United States and why.

From radical jihadist terrorism to total governmental control, Conti’s compelling and thought-provoking novel exposes the new dystopian Orwellian future that is being thrust upon all of us.

Book 2: A number of bombs . . . exploded, and several RPGs were fired at the massive electronic billboards in Times Square. There [were] bodies lying all over the street and sidewalks . . . shards of glass and metal rained down from the billboards cutting them to ribbons. . . . Wait . . . wait . . . I’m getting another report now,” the newscaster said. “Yes, Washington . . . what . . . oh, no . . . oh, my God.”

Dr. Lucci’s students have matured as they begin gathering information. Radical Islamic terrorists have now coordinated attacks on several large American cities, and in response the governmental Matrix decides to crack down on American citizens’ First and Second Amendment rights. The World Ecology Flag now flies above the Stars and Stripes and the RFID chip is being forced upon more people. Also, a new law, the Personal Rights Protection Act, totally negates any outward religious expression.

Book 3: In the not too distant future the progressive agenda is rolling. The World Ecology Flag has superseded the American Flag. ICC, a small Christian college in northern Virginia is under attack by the Left.

“I tell you nothing! All you Christian dogs will die today . . . you insult Allah – praise be his name,” screamed the terrorist who planned to blow up the gymnasium.

“Tell me where you planted the explosives or I’ll blow your damn head off!” shouted Dr. Lucci.

“. . . we all die anyway. You will go to hell, and I will meet my virgins in Paradise.”

As Dr. Lucci’s students come to a deeper realization of the vast power of the Matrix and its ability to manipulate people’s thoughts to their liking, the radical jihadists plan a devastating attack on ICC, which will make 9/11 look like preschool.

The FEMA camps are now fully operational – “processing” their detainees at a rapid rate via a MAZER. And rabid liberal professor Dietrich and Lucci finally go head to head with deadly consequences in this exciting conclusion to Satan’s Gambit.


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Satan’s Gambit Trilogy
Original price was: $62.97.Current price is: $42.95.