Fast With the Heart


The last book written by Father Slavko Barbaric on fasting before his passing in 2000 is a virtual encyclical on prayer and fasting. The Franciscan priest looks to fasting in the Old and New Testaments, includes prayers, meditations and interviews, general nutritional guidance and even recipes for fasting breads. “Most respected reader, in this book I entrust to you reflections about fasting and experiences with fasting. I desire to help you understand that fasting is necessary and that it is good to fast both for the body and the soul. Moreover, I desire to help you decide to fast and to experience how good it is to fast. As I entrust these reflections and experiences to you, I implore God to give you the grace to start fasting and praying so that you may yourself experience that Our Lady is right in calling us to fast and pray.” Fr. Slavko Barbaric


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