If Only We Had Listened: Messages from Kibeho


Twelve years before Rwanda was devastated by genocide, the Virgin Mary came to Kibeho with a clear warning: “My children, it does not have to happen if people would listen and come back to God.” The visionaries who experienced the Kibeho apparitions, which have since been approved by the Vatican, reported that Mary showed them horrifying prophetic scenes including a river of blood, people brutally killing each other, and abandoned corpses with no one to bury them. The Rwandan people did not listen to Mary’s motherly guidance and were unable to escape the tragic consequences; when the terrifying scenes shown to the visionaries became reality, it was simply too late. In her newest book, If Only We Had Listened, best-selling author and genocide survivor Immaculee Ilibagiza presents many of the profound messages that were given by Our Lady in Kibeho —messages that could have prevented the tragedies in her homeland, and which, to this day, should serve as a warning for the whole world. Hardcover. 155 pages. By: Immaculee Ilibagiza


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