Prayer & Fasting

54-Day Rosary Novena for Peace

Our Lady has told us that prayer and fasting stops wars. In light of recent news and headlines, the drums of war are beating loudly. As Our Lady’s Prayer Warriors, we know what we need to do, and where we need to be – on our knees!

The Great Reset: Introduction

Heaven has a plan. One could easily be demoralized if they are just seeing the negative news and ignoring Heaven’s plan. Our Lady is exposing and dismantling these groups, and she names her target specifically. Heaven will defend their people and we have to trust what Our Lady is telling us.

9 Cardiac Arrests, Death and Heaven

Paul Zucarelli describes himself as an ordinary man who died nine times and encountered God. After witnessing the heavenly realm, he now lives to provide testimony and witness to the Living God and salvation in Christ. Paul’s story is not just another near-death experience story—it’s also a story of faith.