True Devotion to the Holy Spirit


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Huge in scope, yet simple and readable, True Devotion to the Holy Spirit covers virtually everything there is to know about the Spirit’s role in our salvation — and it does so with a refreshing reliance on God’s Word, not on opinions or subjective visions.

Luis M. Martinez, the former Archbishop of Mexico City, maintains that as the Spirit is God’s supreme gift, so your devotion to Him should be profound and encompassing. In beautiful, practical terms, Martinez illuminates the difference the Spirit can make when He’s given His proper place in your soul. This handbook explains how you should respond to the Spirit, how the Spirit helps you grow in virtue, and the characteristics of true love of the Spirit.

Even more, each of the Spirit’s gifts and fruits get detailed treatment here. Martinez shows how each contributes to the maturing of the soul, so that by means of the Spirit’s active help, you can conquer your sins, learn how to make proper use of the things of this world, become master of yourself, and fully realize the greatness that is available to you as a Christian. This is an essential guide for everyone who longs to know and to love the Holy Spirit more fully.

You’ll learn virtually everything we can know about the Holy Spirit’s work in the world and in your soul, including:


  • Why you will never attain true holiness without the Holy Spirit’s constant help


  • How the Holy Spirit tenderly teaches you all that you need for salvation Inspirations of the Holy Spirit: they’re not extraordinary and superfluous in the spiritual life! How to become attuned to them


  • How the Holy Spirit teaches you not just to know and love God, but to enjoy Him


  • Maturity in Christ: it doesn’t happen automatically as you grow older. How the Holy Spirit can help you gain it today


  • The virtues and the gifts of the Holy Spirit: the distinctive role of each in your salvation


  • Consecration to the Holy Spirit: why it must be total — or it’s useless


  • How the presence of the Spirit in your life will increase your faith, hope, and love


  • Three main characteristics of devotion to the Father, inspired by the Spirit: examine your soul in their light


  • The Cross: how and why the Holy Spirit will teach you to love it in your own life


  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit: how to understand them properly — and gain their help in your soul’s perfection


  • And much more that will help you not only to know the Holy Spirit better than ever, but to gain His help in your salvation!



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True Devotion to the Holy Spirit