Heaven’s Messages for the Family: Volume 2


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How to become the family God wants you to be. “The future of humanity passes by way of the family.” –Pope John Paul ll Families are under attack by the forces of evil, The rise in divorce, spousal violence and child abuse – all point to a situation which makes supernatural intervention appropriate and credible. Mrs. Janie garza of Austin, Texas, wife, mother and mystic was chosen by the Lord to be a vessel of simple and holy messages for the family of today. She has been receiving messages and visions since February 15, 1989, up to the present time. Read and Learn about: -What the main spiritual attacks are against the family today. -The spiritual tools given by Heaven to combat the attacks against the family. -What the roles of the husband, wife and children are according to God’s divine order. -What you can do to protect your marriage and family members. -The seven visions about the state of the world and families. “These books have restored marriages and families!” “My child, in just a short while, your book with the teachings on the family will be published. This book will have a divine effect on all who read it with open hearts. Through this book many families will come to God as a family. The teachings in the messages given to you ar teachings from Heaven, for God is calling all families to be reconciled to Him through being a holy families.”


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