The Work of the Holy Angels


A New Spiritual Movement in the Catholic Church, a Help as Old as Creation

Ever wonder about God’s will for a particular situation? Our Guardian Angels can help with that. These Holy protectors, assigned to each of us personally, “illuminate our reason so that we can know what God wills us to do in a particular circumstance.”

Though our Angels are always there, and seek to guide us, we can cooperate with them more fully, and, in turn, cooperate more fully with the will of God. One way to do this is through consecration. “A consecration to the holy angels is a personal covenant or solemn promise which we make to the holy angels, establishing a reciprocal relationship with them.” In doing so, “we also commit ourselves to them in a personal friendship in love and gratitude for all the good they do for us: they guide us, they inspire us, they admonish us, they protect us, body and soul, from harm; they carry our prayers before the throne of God, and the return with His grace and light.”

Joseph Albino’s booklet, The Work of the Holy Angels, helps to guide us into this intimate friendship with our God-given protectors.


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