The Holy Cloak of St. Joseph


The Pious Union of St. Joseph has published a booklet of forty pages containing one of
the dearest and oldest devotions to St. Joseph: The Holy Cloak of St. Joseph.  St. Joseph is the Patron of the Universal Church, the Guardian of Jesus and Mary, the Protector and model of every Christian. Through this prayer and our perseverance through it, we ask St. Joseph to open his Cloak
and provide a shield to us for protection, guidance and spiritual growth.

In history, the cloak has been a powerful symbol of belonging like a flag, a uniform or a
banner. When we take refuge under the Holy Cloak of St. Joseph we become members of
his Family with Jesus and Mary. We belong to the Holy Family. We are protected, guided
and sheltered from all evil.  This devotion leads us to meditate and understand St. Joseph’s virtues and role in the history of salvation for the Church and each one of us.

This devotion is perfect for the month of March dedicated to St. Joseph and anytime we
feel the need of special assistance from St. Joseph and want to be members of the Holy

The Holy Cloak of St. Joseph