The Great Reset

The Globalist Plan vs. Heaven's Victory


By: Ted Flynn

What exactly is the Great Reset we hear so much about?  What does it mean for you?

This book does not just state the problems that we see around us, but gives answers to where all can achieve peace of mind and peace of soul in the midst of the storm.

Read and learn about:

  • Who are the Deep State and the Deep Church? Their agenda is explained in detail.  They are being exposed right before our eyes.
  • Heaven has their version of the Great Reset, and has a plan.
  • The Warning and the Great Miracle of Garabandal.  What it will mean for humanity.  Will these supernatural events turn the tide of civilization itself?
  • Are events that will change the world in ways no one could ever have imagined at our doorstep?
  • The Blessed Mother as prophetess of our age, is the Mother of Mercy.  Satan’s reign will be broken.
  • Our Lady has told us what her number one target is to dismantle, and transform our culture.
  • Learn how the Lord gives His people a prescription for peace in difficult times from the Scriptures.  Read how the Jewish people had to learn to survive in captivity.  The Lord’s instructions are clear and time tested.  He has given His people a remedy for navigating the times in which we live.  Learn how to embrace the future with faith and hope.
  • Why trust is so important now to maintain a proper life balance in life.
The Great Reset