Garabandal and Its Secrets


The Warning and the Miracle of Garabandal, Like Nothing Before in History — Two Supernatural Events That Will Change the World — the Global Reset —  Heaven Rests on Their Terms

By: Ted Flynn

  • Learn about the Warning. Also called the Illumination of Conscience, the Life Review, the Correction of Conscience, and the Judgment in Miniature, that will impact every person on earth at the same time.  We will see the state of our soul as God would judge it. All will be in the presence of Divine Truth.  It will be God’s Ultimate Act of Mercy to the world.
  • Learn about the Great Miracle of Garabandal, Spain, that will follow within one year of the Warning.  It will be a Miracle that has never happened in the world, and will take place at the nine pines.
  • Heaven has their own version of THE GREAT RESET, and has a plan.
  • The Warning and the Great Miracle, and what it will mean for humanity.  Will these supernatural events turn the tide of civilization itself?
  • Are events that will change the world in ways no one could ever have imagined at our doorstep?
  • The Blessed Mother as prophetess of our age, is the Mother of Mercy.  Satan’s reign will be broken.

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