Signs & Wonders Volume 34#1 Spring 2024, Digital Edition


Special Issue, Vol. 34#1, Spring 2024 articles include:

  • Comunita Cenacolo, The Resurrection of Our Youth by Lorraine Ondrasik
  •  Coming to America – The Story of Bishop Emeritus Robert J. Baker Bringing Comunita Cenacolo to America by Lorraine Ondrasik
  • An Experience of Comunita by Ben St. Hillaire
  • Like Three Acts in the Same Play – Three Supernatural Events that Have Never Happened Before by Ted Flynn
  • Self-Knowledge – My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge by Eric Welter
  • God’s Merciful Judgement – A Priest’s True Story by Rev. Steven Scheier
  • Jesus Spoke to Wayward Priests – Yield Everything to His Eucharistic Heart by Maura Roan McKeegan
  • Miracles and the Rosary in Our Fight against Evil by Janet Moore
  • My Near Death Experience and Life Review – Interview with Dr. Mary Neal by Maureen Flynn
  • A Powerful Prayer Warrior – A Tribute to My Beloved Mother and Mentor Margaret Mary (Peggy) Hennessey by Maureen Flynn
  • In Memoriam of Father Ron Stone by Ted Flynn
  • Catholic Prophecy Update – Messages from Jennifer, Medjugorje and Pedro Regis


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Signs & Wonders Volume 34#1 Spring 2024, Digital Edition