The Thunder of Justice, Revised and Updated


A completely revised and updated edition of the International blockbuster by Ted and Maureen Flynn:
The Thunder of Justice: The Warning, The Miracle, The Chastisement, & The Era of Peace

Find out about:

* The Third Secret of Fatima–What was revealed by the Church and what Heaven revealed in great detail about the unrevealed words of the 4th Memoir of Sister Lucy.
*La Salette–The 1879 Escatological version of Leece, Italy and the recently discovered original messages of La Salette which had been lost in the Vatican Archives.
*Kibeho, Rwanda–A prophecy come true. Recently approved by the local church and the Vatican. *The New World Order–Satan’s Last Gasp: Luciferian Geo-politics, globalization, and the new proposed global economic system.
*Masters of the Universe–How despots rise to power. The master plan. A Norther American Union, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, secret societies, and their agenda for control. *The Remedy for All Families–Heaven’s clear sure fire answer for family security and peace in troubled times.
*Garabandal–The Warning, The Great Miracle, & The Permanent Sign. Saint Pio and Blessed Mother Teresa believed in Garabandal.
*The Worldwide Warning–The Illumination of the Soul
*Purifications and Scriptural precedents–The Three Days of Darkness and much, much more….


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The Thunder of Justice, Revised and Updated