Satan's Gambit Book One: Battle Lines Are Drawn

Satan's Gambit Book One: Battle Lines Are Drawn

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The first book in a new trilogy!

Under our new banner which now flies above us all, we will truly have freedom, equality, and fellowship among men and women … Freedom of sexual partners, freedom of recreational pharmaceuticals. Everyone will be equal in all financial matters … Tolerance and equality are to be our watchwords. And unity with Mother Gaia our touchstone.”

The crowd went wild, cheering, clapping…

Satan’s Gambit—more fact than fiction—explains what caused this transformation in America. Dr. Gene Conti’s story takes place on an imaginary college campus in the near future where Dr. Lucci leads his charges. The students experience a fresh realization of what has occurred in the United States and why.

From radical jihadist terrorism to total governmental control, Conti’s compelling and thought-provoking novel exposes the new dystopian Orwellian future that is being thrust upon all of us.

Book One in Gene Conti’s Satan’s Gambit Trilogy. UPDATED.

334 pages


3 reviews for Satan’s Gambit Book One: Battle Lines Are Drawn

  1. Signs and Wonders

    Roger said ” I read it in one day! Couldn’t put it down! When is Book Two coming out?”

  2. Signs and Wonders

    Joe commented: “I found the book interesting on many levels. The choice of prose with numerous 2-5 page chapters provided a basis to profile and ‘bring to life’ many characters of different beliefs and backgrounds. The premise of ever-increasing government intervention is both very real and frightening.”

  3. Signs and Wonders

    The subtle truths of the Book of Revelation are unfolding in our time. For a better understanding of how this relates to today’s world, read Gene Conti’s first book of his trilogy – Satan’s Gambit. This veracious novel is full of action, intrigue, and solid evidence for a created and controlled world.

    Addressing the questions of “How did we get to this degraded state of our country and its citizenry….What led to this loss of morals and values….Why did we give up so much control?” – Satan’s Gambit Book One, The Battle Lines Are Drawn – lands the reader in a college classroom with a dozen or so students while they journey down the path of discovery during their elected fall course titled The Matrix Exposed 101. The reader is pulled quickly through, chapter by chapter, as the students are challenged to think and evaluate events that have led up to the current headlines of their time.

    Not a light summer-read, but one that answers questions while generating more from the reader. The characters are lively and inquisitive, yet rambunctious at times, with plenty of dialogue to keep things moving. Each chapter leaves you wanting more… which draws you into the next one. Hard to put down! A bit scary reflecting today’s reality.”

    Barb Vassar

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