A Mouse and A Miracle

The Virtue Story of Humility


By: Cathy Gilmore

The year is 1 BC and times are tough when you’re a mouse living in a squeaky-clean Jewish temple. But little Mo finds food and a friend when he meets a kind, young woman. Never leaving his humble hero’s side, Mo travels with Mary as she returns to her hometown. In Nazareth, Mo shares Mary’s joy at one of the most extraordinary events of all time.

Mo the Mouse is a tiny virtue hero of HUMILITY. He invites readers to delight in the humble joy of his hero Mary. They both know the huge value of being small.

We just can’t contain our excitement over this little book! In short, the author is acclaimed ministry-founder Cathy Gilmore, and she is doing AMAZING things for children and families. A Mouse and Miracle is the first title in her new series “Tiny Virtue Heroes” in which each story covers a virtue, represented by a lovable animal character who admires a biblical or saint hero.

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