Novena in Honor of the Queenship of Mary: August 13th-21st

When you think of Our Lady, what do you think of? Maybe you think of her as mother and turn to her in prayer and in times of distress. Maybe you think of her as a guide and pray a rosary for clarity. Along with those great things, it’s essential we don’t forget that she is Queen as well. The Church honor’s Our Lady’s Queenship every year on August 22nd.

From Former Marine to Mary’s Evangelist – Always Faithful

Our Lady wants everyone to know about this Image, for it is a healing Image, and because She is our Mother, She wants what is best for us, her children. That is why She repeatedly tells us what we must do, so we do not lose our way, lest we forget or get distracted.

Medjugorje and The Great Spiritual Reset: The Ultimate Clash of Darkness Versus Light

Medjugorje has confounded secular observers and others alike for many reasons. Many theologians, and
believers in general, bring an unreasoned, preconceived bias of the supernatural as an ingredient in the
spiritual journey. Yet the entire anthology of the Roman Catholic Church and people we call saints demonstrate that the miraculous and mystical were often commonplace.

The Priesthood and Garabandal

Father José Luis noted that one of the foremost themes of the Garabandal apparitions was the priesthood and the special love of the Blessed Mother toward priests. While the visionaries received mystical communions from the Angel, they did so only when there was not a priest in town, at which time they received Communion from the priest.