Novena to St. Cecilia: November 13th-21st

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We begin the Novena to Saint Cecilia, patron Saint of music and one of the most famous Roman martyrs.

It is said that she became the patroness of musicians after singing heartily to God at her wedding because she didn’t want to get married.

Cecili told her husband she had taken a vow of virginity and had an angel protecting her. Valerian asked to see the angel as proof, and Cecilia told him he would have eyes to see once he traveled and was baptized by Pope Urbanus.

Following his baptism, Valerian returned to his wife and found an angel at her side. The angel crowned Cecilia with a chaplet of rose and lily.

Valerian’s brother, Tibertius, heard of the angel and his brother’s baptism, he also was baptized. Together, the brothers dedicated their lives to burying the saints who were murdered each day by the prefect of the city, Turcius Almachius.

Both brothers were eventually arrested and executed after they refused to offer a sacrifice to the gods.

St. Cecilia spent her time preaching and was able to convert over four hundred people.

Cecilia was later arrested and condemned to be suffocated. Cecilia survived attempts to take her love for her faith.

She lived for three days after another execution attempt. Cecilia was buried and in 1599, her body was found still incorrupt many years later.

Cecilia is commonly represented looking up, as if for divine inspiration. May we look up to God as we pray this novena to St. Cecilia.

Join us in the novena to Saint Cecilia from November 13th-21st!


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