The King of the Apocalypse

The King of the Apocalypse


The messages are those which directly affect our country and its citizens. The messages shared will show us how we can help our country spiritually, as well as all mankind. A rosary of red, white and blue, beads (the representative colors of our nation) was given by our Holy Mother to be made. On this rosary one is asked to recite it for the spiritual salvation of our country. In this book there are messages from God the Father, Jesus, the King of the Apocalypse, Mary, St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Mary of Magdala that are pertinent today for the Church, the world and the United States of America. These messages are about the unborn, abortion, throwing away God’s gift of souls as leftovers, homosexuality, youths’ feeling that destruction of life is nothing and so forth. These messages are also about the Church, Pope John Paul II, the shepherds of the flock, the Real Presence, the Sacraments of the Church especially the Sacraments of the Eucharist, Penance and Matrimony. There are messages about the need for faith, prayer, conversion, perseverance, and God’s Mercy. Very Powerful!


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