The Archbishop Fulton Sheen Signature Set


Author: Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

The perfect gift to enrich any Catholic’s bookshelf, The Fulton Sheen Signature Set brings to you five of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s works, written at various points of his life on a myriad of topics. The books are hardcover. 

These works have stood the test of time because they are still applicable to the most pertinent issues of our present age. To match the perennial wisdom enclosed, each volume is adorned with Archbishop Sheen’s signature and is beautifully designed with a classic cover featuring a photograph of the archbishop from the time period when he wrote the book.

The five works composing this set are:

  • Way to Happiness
  • Communism and the Conscience of the West
  • Thinking Life Through
  • Philosophies at War
  • Preface to Religion

In the Way to Happiness, Fulton Sheen reflects on the most fundamental aspects of our lives. He treats the topics of love, politics, motherhood, work, teens, forgiveness, rest, and meditation, along with many other important themes that affect our everyday lives.

Communism and the Conscience of the West details the problems with society stemming from socialism and communism, which continue to infect universities and political discourse today.

Archbishop Sheen’s Thinking Life Through seeks to answer the critical question asked by so many today: “Has Christianity failed?” The conclusions offered are far-reaching and touch upon subjects as diverse as the truth and meaning of human sexuality, the purpose of life, parenting, discordant marriages, angels, alcoholism, the vocation of the soldier, materialism, and even the question of spanking children.

The American people are addressed by Philosophies at War on the themes of government and politics from the lens not only of a bishop but also of a conscientious citizen. Archbishop Sheen writes of war and revolution; the need of an absolute (God); the roots of democracy, patriotism, and peace; and that the culture war is not merely political and economic but also theological.

Finally, written amidst the backdrop of World War II, the great Fulton Sheen wrote Preface to Religion, his first book published after the war ended. As the world was recovering from death, destruction, and despair, Sheen’s timely work tackles the most salient questions pertaining to happiness and sanity.

Adding the Fulton Sheen Signature Set to your home library will give you a wealth of knowledge, beautiful books to display, and hours of fruitful reading for years to come!

The Archbishop Fulton Sheen Signature Set