Signs & Wonders Volume 29#1/, Spring 2019, PDF


Special Double Issue, Vol. 29#1/2 Spring 2019 articles include:

  • The Double Great Novena: 33 Promises from Jesus
  • George Washington’s Vision & Prophecy about America
  • Our Lady of Tears Devotion
  • Devotion to the Holy Face
  • Who is the Real Enemy of the Catholic Church?
  • 25 Secrets of Spiritual Struggle that Jesus Revealed to St. Faustina
  • Satan Reigns in the Highest Places in the Church and the World
  • 27th International Week of Prayer and Fasting
  • Catholic Prophecy Update: Messages to Janie Garza, Pedro Regis, Christina Gallagher and Mirjana
  • Pray and Fast for America 2019


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