Signs & Wonders Volume 26#3/4, Winter 2016, PDF


Special Double Issue, Vol. 26#3/4 Winter 2016 articles include:

  • The Secret Meaning of the Number 18 in Judaism and Marian Apparitions
  • Messages to Janie Garza on the Family
  • Helping Jesus and Mary Save Souls: A Story of Modern Contemplatives
  • Forty Weeks to a Deepening Relationship with Jesus
  • What is the Essence of the Mass?
  • Revelations to Don Octavio Michilini from Our Lord – Messages to Priests and Victim Souls, Part II
  • Why is the Fifth Marian Dogma a Heavenly Condition for World Peace?
  • The Greatest Service that Man Can Offer to God – To Convert Souls
  • The Role of Marriage and Family Life in the Divine Will, Part I
  • Catholic Prophecy Update: Freemasonry Infiltrating the Holy Roman Catholic Church


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Signs & Wonders Volume 26#3/4, Winter 2016, PDF