Made for Love

Made for Love

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Same-Sex Attraction and the Catholic Church

In Made for Love, Fr. Michael Schmitz presents the Catholic teaching on same-sex attraction and same-sex “sexual” relations.

He begins by giving background information regarding the different worldviews of the human person, the philosophical ideas of nature and purpose, the differences between objective and subjective truth, the principal of non-contradiction, and the fallen human nature that resulted from Original Sin.  He then discusses in great detail the nature and ends of human sexuality and the nature of true love, while, in a compassionate and non-judgmental way, explaining the flawed nature of same-sex “sexual” relations.

While this book is intended primarily for those who have same-sex attraction and their family and friends, its presentation of the compassionate truth of Catholic teaching on same-sex attraction will be of great benefit to everyone in today’s society.

Author: Michael Schmitz

Paperback, 208 pages


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