NEW! Garabandal: The Warning and and the Great Miracle

The Divine Reset That Will Correct the Conscience of the World


By: Ted Flynn

Brand new in 2024!  Read and learn about:

  • What was said by the Blessed Mother when she appeared from 1961-1965 to four young visionaries in a small village by the name of Garabandal, in northern Spain.
  • What are the supernatural elements of the Warning, the Great Miracle, and the Permanent Sign? How close are we to these events now?
  • During the WARNING, or judgment in miniature, illumination of conscience, or a life review, we will see our life as a slow-motion picture in the light of Divine Truth as God would judge us at death.
  • Within one year of the Warning, will be the Great Miracle. These events have never been witnessed in the history of the world. What details has Heaven revealed about the Great Miracle?
  • It has been said the Miracle will be much greater than the miracle at Fatima.
  • All who journey to Garabandal for the Great Miracle, have been promised to be healed. Russia will convert after the Miracle, and Our Lady said, “All will love Our Hearts.”
  • What is the prophecy of, “It begins with an “A?” What were the Nights of Screams? What did Saint Padre Pio, and Saint Mother Teresa say about Garabandal?
  • The enemies Heaven is fighting are identified. The reasons for WHY the Miracle at Garabandal, and why is it NOW at this point in history?
  • What was said about schism in the Church? A pope going to Moscow, and then hostilities breaking out in Europe, and priests in hiding. The prophecy of the number of popes, and then the “end of times.”
  • Is Communism coming back to the world on a broader scale? Why Russia again is central as it was at Fatima. What has the Church said over the last 60 years? What many notable people have said about Garabandal.
  • What exactly did Conchita say about a Third World War?
NEW! Garabandal: The Warning and and the Great Miracle