Fight Like a Catholic

Spiritual Warfare in the Catholic Tradition


By: Susan Brinkmann OCDS

In 1972, Pope Paul VI spoke boldly and precisely about the nature of evil. He urged Christians to realize that evil is not a concept, a symbol or a deficiency of some kind – it’s a person – and it’s vitally important to understand this in order to have “a correct, Christian conception of the world, of life and salvation.” Make no mistake about it, this address was a call-to-arms by a good Father who warned his children not to fall for the false narratives that Satan has woven so successfully over the centuries. Relying on the power and protection of God, we must fearlessly strip away his clever artifices and expose the terrifying truth about Satan – who he is, what kind of power he has, and how he uses it to fool even the most devout souls. In an age of uncertainty, when evil disguises itself as “empowerment” and tempts us through a variety of trendy new spiritual movements that promise access to secret knowledge or mastery over the forces of nature, Fight Like a Catholic shines the brilliant light of Church teaching on demonology and spiritual warfare. By arming the faithful with the knowledge they need to fight and win the battle against evil, this publication becomes far more than just a book – it’s a weapon!

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