DVD: Indoctrination


DVD Indoctrination: Public Schools Contributing to the Decline of Christianity in America. This DVD explores the origins of the American education system and the effects of public schools on the Christian family. A must watch for anyone with children or grandchildren. Nearly 90% of Christian children attend a public school. Their families have vested interest in all that happens there. Join Scottish filmmaker Colin Gunn, a home school father of seven, on a field trip of a lifetime. Driving an old school bus, Colin and family travel across America, asking questions about the origins and social impact of America’s public education system. Colin asks: -Who established the American public school system? -Are my kids physically and morally safe in the schools? -Are the public schools religiously neutral? -Should Christians try to be “salt and light” in public schools? -Can the public school system be fixed or redeemed? Featuring interviews with whistle blower teachers, administrators, students, parents and others, this film is part documentary, part testimonial, and totally captivating.


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