DVD: A Time To Revive


Rebuilding the Catholic Faith Today

Our world is deeply troubled: wars, terrorism, political and social unrest, family breakdown, mass migrations, moral confusion, and chaos. In the Church: faith has diminished, doctrines are denied, moral teachings ignored, scandals in the clergy cause real dismay and doubt.

Featuring commentary and insights by Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Mark Davies, and appealing to proven methods from the Church’s history, this film sets forth a powerful blueprint for revival in the Catholic Church, and thus a renewal in families, communities, and the world. It focuses on five key areas to drive this renewal: Catechesis, Liturgy, the Gospel of Life, Sanctity, and Mission. Also includes commentary from church leaders Fr. Marcus Holden, Fr. Andrew Pinsent, Joanna Bogle, and Jacob Phillips, and inspiring young adults speaking about their Catholic faith and trust in Christ.


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