Ted Flynn

“Blood Moons: What it Means for the World” Part 1

What do the Blood Moons and a Tetrad mean for Israel and the Church? The Lord communicated with Israel using the sun, the moon, the stars, and solar eclipses. Does He do the same today? What does all of this mean for us today?

“Discipleship and Being A Disciple,” 4/1/15

One of the solutions of finding Peace of Soul is discipleship. We will answer the following questions: *What are the ingredients for spiritual growth? *Why do some people grow while others do not? *What is the tripod of growth?

“Community,” 3/24/15

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Blood Moons – The Coming Tetrad

Any student of Scripture will surely see a “Grand Design” in the scheme of things as they read the Old Testament and then see the fulfillment of prophecy with the birth and death of the Messiah in the New Testament. If you were on a desert island, and just had the Old Testament, you would know there was another book to read.

Signs & Wonders for Our Times