Pope St. Pius X and the Pardon Crucifix

What is a Pardon Crucifix?

It’s a thorn in Satan’s side, slammed in there by Pope St. Pius X. It is unclear why so few Catholics have ever heard about this sacramental.  But, what is clear is that Satan absolutely hates it.


Because the Pardon Crucifix ranks up there with the the Miraculous Medal and the St. Benedict Medal.  You see Pope St. Pius X used the keys to heaven to attach heavenly rich indulgences to it.   

Satan hates powerful sacramentals.  What does he do when he hates a devotion or sacramental which is so immersed with Divine graces? He simply hides them.  And the Pardon Crucifix has been hidden sometime after it was promulgated in 1905. Other examples of Satan’s dirty work include him literally hiding the Shroud of Turin (Jesus’ burial cloth), the true Cross and  St. Philomena.  How about how he prevents devotion to the Rosary, Miraculous Medal and Our Mother of Sorrows?

Yes, the Pardon Crucifix is beautiful; however, it is the words describing the indulgences / Divine graces that blow you away

Pardon Crucifix and Indulgences:

  • Whoever carries on his person the Pardon Crucifix, may thereby gain an indulgence.
  • For devoutly kissing the Crucifix, an indulgence is gained.
  • Whoever says one of the following invocations before this crucifix may gain each time an indulgence: “Our Father who art in heaven, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” “I beg the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray to the Lord our God for me.”
  • Whoever, habitually devout to this Crucifix, will fulfill the necessary conditions of Confession and Holy Communion, may gain a Plenary Indulgence on the following feasts: On the feasts of the Five Wounds of our Lord, the Invention of the Holy Cross, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Immaculate Conception, and the Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Whoever at the moment of death, fortified with the Sacraments of the Church, or contrite of heart, in the supposition of being unable to receive them, will kiss this Crucifix and ask pardon of God for his sins, and pardon his neighbor, will gain a Plenary Indulgence (Per usual conditions).

The History of the Pardon Crucifix

“The Pardon Crucifix was introduced at the Marian Congress of Rome in 1904, with the support of his Eminence Cardinal Coullié, Archbishop of Lyon. It was through the discourse made to him by the Frs Lémann that the crucifix obtained general approval. The project of a union around this Pardon Crucifix was presented to His Holiness by the most Eminent Cardinal Vivès, president of the Congress.

“The historic and sacred inscription of the royalty of Jesus appears in inscription placed over the head of Christ [on this crucifix]. It is an irrefutable witness against the denials and audacity of impiety. There is preserved at Rome, in the Basilica of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem, the actual inscription of Golgotha recovered by St Helen. The written relic is not complete; there may have been a division, and also age has considerably reduced it. Two words, only two words shine forth, respected by time, Nazarenus Re, The Nazarene King. It is a prophecy written on wood: all royalties are passing, except that of the Nazarene.

“On the reverse of the cross, at the center, the Sacred Heart shines forth with two inscriptions recalling the tender mercy of the Saviour; one is a prayer of pardon, breathed forth in the agony of Calvary: Father, forgive them; the other is the prayer of love breathed forth against ingratitude, in the sanctuary of Paray-le-Monial: Behold this Heart which has thus loved men.

“Below, the figure of Our Lady surmounted by a star occupies the foot of the cross, which is truly the place of Mary. She stands there to say to every straying soul: ‘Do not forget the sorrows of your Mother’. She says, ‘I am the comforter’. Despair murmurs that it is too late; She says: ‘between late and too late there is an abyss, behold all the Blood of My Jesus, behold My motherly devotion for you’.”

Pontifical Rescript of June 1905, to M.M. the Abbes Lemann:

Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Indulgences

To the faithful, who devoutly kiss this Crucifix and gain these precious indulgences, we recommend to have in view the following intentions: To testify love for Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin; gratitude towards our Holy Father, the Pope, to beg for the remission of one’s sins; the deliverance of the souls in Purgatory; the return of the nations to the Faith; forgiveness among Christians; reconciliation among members of the Catholic Church. 

By another Pontifical rescript of November 14 1905. His Holiness Pope Pius X, has declared that the Indulgence attached to the Pardon Crucifix are applicable to the souls in Purgatory.

This is where those who are serious about alleviating the pains of the poor souls in Purgatory comes into play.

Exclusively hand made for Signs & Wonders, Rosary for America, featuring the Pardon Crucifix, as featured in King of the Apocalypse:

King of the Apocalypse

Chapter: Heaven’s Messages to the Littlest Flower

December 25, 1999

(Gabriel comes and Our Lady reveals the religious content of our country’s flag)


Come all ye angels of the Lord, all saints and all creatures of the earth, both men and women and children and all living creatures of water and earth and air. Worship and adore the Lord of man’s salvation, the God of Love and innocence, the Infant in the hearts of all who love God Three in One. I am the angel Gabriel. I’ve come to bring good tidings to thee all. Mother of the Savior, Lord and God, brings news today for the world of life and death. For I blow the trumpet of meanings. Hear the Queen of Angels speak.

Our Lady:

I am the Immaculate Conception. I am the Mother of God. I am the handmaiden of the Lord, the vessel of His grace. I am the Mother to those in sorrow and pain. I am the Mother of all who love my Son. I am the Mother who stood before the temple of the Lord and brought God’s greatest gift to man inside. This is and was Jesus the babe, born and destined to rule all nations with true justice, love, and peace. He is the Son of the living God. He is God Himself.

“I come, my dear children, to explain the meaning of my mantle that reflects the flag with the United States of America. How great was the inspiration of the beautiful flag, but how little understanding does man have regarding its religious content. The stars are the angels of Heaven that clothe my blue mantle. The blue is my color, signifying the place in which I am honored in Heaven, the blue majestic skies. The red and white stripes signify the blood and water that gushed out through the side of my Son’s Heart for all mankind. The stripes signify the slashes that He took before the crucifixion and after.”

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