Walking the Way of the Cross for Caregivers

How to Cope Practically, Emotionally, and Spiritually When a Loved One Has a Serious Illness


By: Michelle Laque Johnson

What do you do when you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a serious illness? How do you even begin to cope?

Using The Way of the Cross as a framework for their love story, Michelle shares her heartbreakingly beautiful eight-year caregiving journey with her husband Stu. Before being called Home, Stu suffered three bouts of cancer, amputation of his leg up to the hip, and became a quadriplegic. If you need practical, down-to-earth advice for helping your loved one carry their cross, it is in this book. If you are struggling to keep the faith during this difficult journey, this first-hand account of a real-life couple’s drama can help. As hard as it was, this journey deepened Michelle and Stu’s love for each other, and it can do the same for you. If you are currently standing at the foot of the Cross, this story shows that you do not need to be afraid. Because if you let Him – the One who loves you more than you love yourself – will accompany you, and at times will even carry you, as you begin your own journey, Walking the Way of the Cross.
Paperback. 264 pages.

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