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Where Is America Headed? Q&A with Fr. Ron Stone

Will gay marriage be the downfall of America? Why is homosexuality wrong? How do we practice our faith if gay marriage is the law of the land? Will there be an anti-pope? Is Pope Francis misunderstood? What will happen at the synod?

The Miracle of Fr. Ron Stone: Abuse, Anger, & Cocaine (Part 1)

Abused as a child, Fr. Ron Stone turned to a life of drugs and became a cocaine addict for 17 years. On a self-proclaimed “roller coaster to hell,” Fr. Ron details his drug addiction, drug dealing, body building, and eventual conversion on the road to the priesthood.

The Unveiling: Mary, Ark of the Covenant

Could it be that my “unveiling” of a cob web covered statue of the Blessed Mother in my church’s
closet, back in the early 1990’s, might have been the foreshadowing to the present “unveiling” of the
statue and oil painting of Mary, Ark of The New Covenant for the “New Evangelization?”

Kiera’s Miracle

My family and I were devastated four years ago when our nine year-old granddaughter, Kiera, was diagnosed with stage-4 Epithelioid sarcoma – a very rare cancer causing tumors with finger-like extensions. A surgeon in Pittsburgh could not remove the entire tumor because of where the extensions were.