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Tiny Saints: Melody’s Mission

I used to say that Tiny Saints started the way all things start: someone got an idea. For my family, this doesn’t seem to fully capture the story behind these little products.

Adam, The Pope and Me

Strange title for an article, I know. You may be asking yourself what in the world do Adam, the Pope, I (and you) have in common? That is what I will be presenting for you to evaluate. Some of you may have been taken aback by the Pope’s recent statements that seem to support his acceptance of evolutionary theory not conflicting with Christianity.

Where Is America Headed? Q&A with Fr. Ron Stone

Will gay marriage be the downfall of America? Why is homosexuality wrong? How do we practice our faith if gay marriage is the law of the land? Will there be an anti-pope? Is Pope Francis misunderstood? What will happen at the synod?