Saint Ann, Wonder Worker of Heaven

Recently, I have written about the life of Saint Ann, the mother of the Blessed Mother (Signs & Wonders Vol. 22, No. 3/4). I had never given Saint Ann much thought until I accidentally stumbled on a woman by the name of Colette Couloumbe of Quebec, Canada who has a special relationship with Saint Ann. Saint Ann had asked Colette to make her more known so she could be an instrument of intercession for the healing of families. After speaking to Colette’s close friends and translators, Marielle & Andre Roberge, they made an introduction to Colette on several occasions. The first time we met was in Massachusetts, and again I visited with Colette and her husband Vincent at the Basilica of Saint Ann de Beaupre in Quebec.

Leonardo_da_Vinci_-_Virgin_and_Child_with_St_Anne_C2RMF_retouchedThe more I thought about Saint Anne’s unique position in the Kingdom of Heaven, the more I became fascinated by everything surrounding Colette and the task Saint Ann asked of making her more known so she could intercede for people. Think of it. Saint Ann is the mother of the Immaculate Conception, the grandmother of Jesus—God—the creator of the universe, and the mother-in-law of Saint Joseph, the foster father and caretaker of the earthly life of Jesus. I like many others have not known of the extraordinary graces of Saint Ann. No one in all of history and the throne of heaven can attest to any of Saint Ann’s three unique titles. Although Saint Ann nor her husband Joachim are mentioned in the Scriptures, church history is a treasure chest of authenticity and devotion. Churches throughout the world are named after Saint Ann.

Basilica of Saint Ann de Beaupre

The Basilica of Saint Ann de Beaupre is the second oldest shrine in North America after Guadalupe in Mexico. In 1658 two acres were donated to the Catholic Church and soon after a small chapel was built. Abasilicamajor shrine has since evolved. It is a grand old style church right out of old Europe with fresco’s lining the ceiling on the life of Saint Ann and the Holy Family. The Basilica is located on the Saint Lawrence River with the Laurentian Mountains serving as a bucolic background, about a twenty minute drive from Quebec City. Quebec is arguably one of the prettiest cities in the world with the old town having a charm all its own. Pilgrims have been traveling for centuries to the town of Saint Ann de Beaupre to ask for the intercession of Saint Ann; many leaving crutches on the wall similar to Lourdes, France.

St. Ann and Grandparents

AnnJoachimMaryPeople from far and wide come to visit Colette. She has a special emphasis and place in her heart for young men and women who seek the intercession of Saint Ann to discern if they have a vocation for religious life. Dozens attest to answered prayers as they have headed into the seminary. Saint Ann has requested she be called “grand mamam.” Grandparents seem to also have a special relevancy as they ask for prayers for their grandchildren, as there are few grandparents anywhere that do not lament the spiritual state of their grandchildren. Heaven seeing the destruction of the family seems to have tasked Saint Ann for the role of the spiritual restoration of families. The generational culture of sex, drugs, rock and roll, addictions of all kinds, divorce, and adultery have taken a terrible toll on the family. Sin has devastated families. It is for this reason Saint Ann brings awareness to the Sixth Commandment—the commandment of sexual purity. It is this sin that is most rampant in our culture that is causing separation from God. When one sees a statue of Saint Ann, she is holding a Bible and pointing to the Sixth Commandment. The digital culture, the internet, and social mediums of today have had a destructive influence on the youth like no other generation in history.

Colette a wife, mother of five, and 82 year-old grandmother of fifteen, has recently been asked to devote another three years of the mission of making Saint Ann better known so she can intercede for favors and requests. There is a supernatural grace of energy and fervor Colette has been given as she meets dozens
of people a day and speaks for hours on the phone to people asking for her help. Colette has been taken to heaven, hell, and purgatory and had mystical experiences. In 1996 Colette was told that she would have this mission until her last breath, and she must abandon herself to the will of God. As Colette loves, heaven will do the rest.

Life of Suffering Prepared Colette

coletteColette speaks to “grand mama Saint Ann” as a grand daughter would speak to a loving grandmother. Colette says the task she has been given was assigned to her before she was even born. Colette says it has been a life of suffering and pain that prepared her for the task. She told me her body looks like a city road map of scars from so many surgeries. Because of her own personal suffering she has great compassion and empathy for others. One would ask why Colette? She says she was chosen for two reasons. First, is her own healing of facial paralysis, and second, she was asked by Saint Ann if she would assume the role of being an advocate after being visited by her. Reluctant at first, her response became yes.

The message of Colette is based on seven major principles of the church.

1. The respect of the Eucharist

2. The Sacrament of Reconciliation

3. The doctrine of the Communion of Saints

4. The importance of the Sacrament of Marriage

5. The respect for the Commandments of God

6. The Beatitudes

7. The dignity of Baptism

Colette nor her husband Vincent operate a computer. While many others entrusted to this type of ministry have people to help them administratively, they have by and large done it by themselves with no fancy website and lived a life of spiritual simplicity. It is in that simplicity where the most spiritually profound takes place. Being an empty vessel for heaven is when heaven has the greatest ability to manifest graces. Suitcases are filled with letters of testimonials from the faithful on spiritual and physical healings, and letters of thanks. Colette has been given some messages on the state of the world and events, but they have not been recorded.

Key: Living in State of Grace

Healing, living virtuously, and a life of love and filial abandonment are the focus of Saint Ann through Colette. Colette is clear that living in a state of grace is what enables the Holy Spirit to speak to us and act in our lives, and that is why confession is so important. Sin clouds the senses and makes it difficult to hear the Holy Spirit unless we are in a state of grace. Many years ago Colette had to be firm with her own son that his soul was in jeopardy and he would suffer misfortune if he continued living with a woman while not married. He soon thereafter married. She stresses the favors of heaven come through obedience and living in a state of grace. Jesus told her “carry your cross everyday if you want to be my disciples, and carry it with joy.” If there are two hallmarks of saints, it is that they were obedient and they were joyful people.

A sample of letters she receives are below:

Vincent writes,

“Your presence in our house has been very important. Peace is reigning in our house impossible to describe. It is very good “Grand Mamam” came to visit us in our home. I thank Saint Ann for this grace from heaven and I pray that it will continue until you come again next year. I think a lot about the visions regarding Jean and me, and I hope it will materialize…. We have started an evening prayer group following evening Mass. Grand Mamam is certainly there with us—it is difficult to explain. I feel something special when I enter church now. There is a serenity that was not there before. You were so right when you said we would hear about healings. We have received by phone confirmation of four physical healings and one spiritual. How beautiful are the wonders of God…”

Lisa writes,

“During our visit on September 7, Grand Mamam Saint Ann talked to me when I was crying in your arms. Do not cry my grand daughter. I will take care of your children, grand children, and family. Already Grand Mamam Saint Ann has interceded to Jesus and my knees are healed. My grand daughter Amelie is 18 years old and had an urgent operation and is now healed. “…now Isabelle and her husband Michel are doing marvelously well after a great depression…” Beautiful Grand Mamam of love for all of your favors granted Alleluia! Alleluia! Thank you dearest Colette.”

Chantal & Jean write,

“Greetings to you and your husband. I am happy to write this letter to tell you that Jean and I finally decided to get married at Saint Timothy Church on October 25th. We give thanksgiving to Grand Mamam Saint Ann. Thank you for having convinced us to get married at the retreat at the Center of Love in Plantagenet that we assisted with you. Find enclosed the pictures of the wedding as we promised. Thank you and kiss Grand Mamam Saint Ann for us and tell her that we love her very much. Jean and I are very thoughtful toward you with a thousand thanks and we embrace you with all of our love.”

A message from Dolores of Quebec,

“My knees were suffering and I was walking with difficulty. My right shoulder was so painful that I had
to lift up my right arm with my left hand. Then, when I touched the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance on the altar, it was here I was healed. I returned to the pew without difficulty and gradually I perceived that the shoulder was less painful. When I arrived home I was able to walk up and down the stairs of the basement many times with no pain. Thank you Jesus and Saint Ann.”

The list of similar letters and corre- spondence are in essence the same with a common theme. They are about people who recognize there is no contentment, peace, or happiness in this life without God. By asking for intercession they have submitted their will and intellect to a superior Divine force that is operational in the world. They know in their very soul, but often it is a painful journey before that person says yes. It is a matter of our will to ask for it and as the Blessed Mother gave her “yes,” we give ours to the will of heaven. Colette is merely the human instrument for people to come to the realization they need God, and Saint Ann is there wanting to help.

As of this writing Saint Ann’s history of visits is as follows:

1990 -1997 Colette saw Saint Ann every month

1997-2000 Saint Ann visits the 25th of each month

Now Colette is visited twice a year, the 26th of July, Saint Ann’s feast day, and the 25th of August Colette’s birthday.

Colette has three messages a year that need to be approved by her spiritual director.

Colette primarily offers encouragement and hope to a world in a down- ward spiral of sin, depression, and despair through locutions, apparitions, and visions from Saint Ann and others in heaven. The beginning of the mission was June 3, 1990, the first vision was October 13, 1991, and the beginning of the public mission was July 3, 1994. Colette emphasizes that people need to know that they are not abandoned and God is with us at all times. Suffering so many trials of her own over so many years has given her a deep empathy for the suffering of others. She is clear in saying that her own suffering prepared her for this task. Colette exhorts there is no need to fear anyone or anything if you seek God’s wisdom. In today’s world of such dismal news, this is becoming increasingly important for us to recognize that everything passes through the Will of the Father and heaven is aware of our circumstances. God has a plan.

Give Saint Ann a call. Her agenda is to intercede on your behalf and send Divine favors.