Where Will You Stand? Part 1


There are six things that Yahweh hates, seven that his soul abhors: a haughty look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that weaves wicked plots, feet that hurry to do evil, a false witness who lies with every breath, a man who sows dissension among brothers.
-Proverbs 6:16-19

The wide range of emotions that one has after seeing the “signs of the times” in which we live is as broad as can be imagined, and highly charged to say the least. There is no one that could be untouched emotionally with the ramifications what Heaven is saying about our day and age. Some adhere to what is being asked, others consider it either irrelevant or simply folly. Often they consider themselves to sophisticated to follow or even talk of the Blessed Mother’s requests.

So, the question must be asked, what is expected of us? How should we respond? Do we sit around and do nothing? Wait for events to unfold? Will they unfold? Do we pray and fast and do little else? Do we fight big government, buy guns, gold, store food, and look to secure our life materially as some are doing? Is anything wrong with some practical provision? Is it wise, or do we lack faith to do so? Is this what Jesus meant when He taught Saint Faustina, “Jesus I Trust in You.” What constitutes practical and prudent – and how much do we do? The monasteries and convents over the ages have been places of spiritual as well as physical refuge. Do we possess a sense of fatalism that big events will happen and there is little we can do to mitigate or change the events? How should we respond to those who belittle and criticize our actions for doing what we are doing? Is everything a fait d’accompli?

With the rapid deterioration of society today, is there a safe haven? Do we buy land and learn to farm and ride out the storm? Is this realistic for the vast majority of believers? Will what we do make any difference? What actually is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart? The questions go on and on, but certain things demand an answer, and there is a great deal of confusion and fear among people in general, as we are in very uncertain and perilous times. With the confluence of world events and an interconnected world economy, we are in uncharted waters. Social indices are nearly all at a tipping point, and there is generally fear and anxiety at the personal level about the future. Some will admit it, others won’t. Times of great transition create stress and the future will be disruptive for many, and violent for others in many parts of the world. We have been told that when Satan appears to be the victor, “the victory will be snatched away from him in a trice.” This is a comforting thought as it gives us a vision for the end game. Our Blessed Mother seems very clear that the only refuge is her Immaculate Heart. There is very little mentioned about material provision in the messages of the prophets, and the body of text presented here is about spiritual preparation. Does that mean the practical should not be addressed? How do we plan and provide for our families and be responsible parents? For example, on a practical level, we should fix a potentially leaky roof in the summer rather than the middle of the winter before the snow arrives. One thing is certain, our direction and marching orders will be given to us in silence born from yearning prayer. Prayer will be our guidance, for where God guides, God provides. Most live in the theory of the gospel as long as things are comfortable for them. But when the rains come, they often buckle.

We should be doing what we hear in prayer. The mystical body of Christ functions best when we all do what the Holy Spirit asks us. Not what someone is asking of another, but what is the Holy Spirit asking of you? The most significant question ever asked is when Jesus asked Peter, “Who do YOU say that I am.” Jesus did not say what do your parents, friends, teachers, colleagues, neighbors, professor or government think? But who do YOU say that I am? Peter answered, “thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” The decision is a personal one. Where one is called to do one thing, a neighbor or friend may not be asked, as it is not their gift. Would it be good if everyone in the world were plumbers? Could we function as a church or a society, if this were the case? Can we offer anything new from what the Queen of Heaven and Earth has been telling us over generations. It all boils down to living the gospel message and “the learned will shine as brightly as the vault of heaven, and those who have instructed many in virtue, as bright as stars for all eternity” (Daniel 12:3).

We are moving to a New Era, a New Time — a Fullness of Time. We are witnessing the merging of the prophetic of the Marian Era with Scripture and Tradition, and seeing it now in our time all as one river. All these streams are becoming one. There is a confluence of many issues in the world that are happening at lightning speed and this is a reason for the anxiety we feel. It is becoming hard to cope due to the onslaught of information and negative events, and it is easy to short circuit if we do not stay with the absolute fundamentals of the faith. We are dislocated from the divine order because the root of our problems are moral, not political. When people place nationalism above a belief in God, chaos is the end result. Few will produce their passport at the gates of heaven and gain immediate admission. All of us, no matter our station in life are being called to be apostles. No one is immune from the ferocious attacks by the evil one wreaking destruction on families everywhere. A church badly fractured, suffering and divided that is filled with the smoke of Satan is being threatened with the loss of faith and a virulent apostasy. Some of the hierarchy are compromised and deeply infiltrated with Masonic and secular thinking, are we to obey their directives, if they are not in union with the rubrics of the Faith? Where do we draw the line of obedience to bishops who are not in union and compliance with the Magisterium, orthodoxy, and the major tenets of the Faith? What if the local Bishop is not in union with the Bishop of Rome, the Vicar of Christ? If that is the case do we then obey the local Bishop? There are many issues we must take to prayer and there will be no easy answers. Expect arguments, to say the least, among members of your family in the future on the issues addressed. They will be heated and divisive for many. It will be friends and families divided, exactly as the Gospel says, and rest assured that the remnant will carry the Church forward. As others die in a spiritual desert, the remnant will be part of the Church spoken of when Jesus said, “… the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” Yahweh never exerted His might with large numbers—and trust having no fear is the key to a joyous life.

The enemies of the Church are capable of destroying the organization known as the ‘church’ through the means of false obedience as they know the internal structures that make it tick. As a leading Mason once told a Catholic friend of mine, “we will destroy your church through obedience.” What a profound statement of dismantling the Church from within. People may look to Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, Italy as the example of obedience. However, do people realize the spiritual warfare that Padre Pio endured due to certain religious who discredited him for decades? The crimes today are heinous and egregious and the clerical silence from the pulpit is deafening. As many pulpits are filled with empty oratory and a watered down faith, people will take sides and the divisions will get deeper. This is the cause of such heated conversations we see around us.

This is not an easy issue to say the least, and wait until believers are not just marginalized, but persecuted for the Faith, because in the end we will all be simplified. Character is always revealed in crisis. Then the gloves will come off and sides of demarcation will be clear; where people truly stand will be seen in daylight. It must be said in great clarity, persecution is coming. With each passing day we watch the news and say to ourselves and loved ones, “Can you believe this?” Another superlative is reached in speech and action with more bizarre events and crazier things that we see each day in the press and on the streets. As a society we are a mass of contradictions. It will continue as we are a nation and empire in a free fall because we are out of control as a society and a people. Civilization as we know it is morphing quickly into another form different than what we have known in the past. For a New World Order to become a legislative reality, existing institutions as the family and the church must be dismantled. They must be done away with because they are organized, and have a support structure independent of the state. Socialism and communism are a system devised for state dependency, and the church provides independent thinking not in conformity with state control, therefore the Church must be done away with by governments. A nation of serfs, robots and zombies will suit the state fine. With more than 50% of public high school children in American thinking Sodom and Gomorrah are a married couple, do you believe the state has succeeded in brainwashing kids? If you don’t laugh about that one, you’ll cry. Better, yet get up off the couch and get in the game.