Water, Water, & No Water? The Drying up of the World’s Great Water Ways.  What Does it Mean?

Over the last several years there has been an increasing number of articles appearing in the news on the drying up and gradual disappearance of the world’s great rivers and reservoirs.  If water doesn’t soon come from the heavens, this drought will monumentally dwarf other issues we face combined. The entire world ecosystem of farming, agriculture, fish, transportation, power generation, and what it will mean in our daily lives is simply incalculable in its repercussions. Pile on water problems to inflation, and the myriad of other headaches we face on daily basis, everyone will soon have migraines if the drought continues.  

Over twenty years ago, I visited Lake Mead and I could see the rings where the water level was substantially higher on the rocks where the water had dramatically receded. That was twenty years ago. Over time, the situation has gotten far worse on Lake Mead and most of the great rivers of the world. I saw the same thing on a trip to Phoenix, Arizona visiting relatives and spending a day on a pontoon boat on a reservoir. As time went on, I have often wondered if a lack of water would be an element of the severe chastisement(s) that is spoken of in Scripture and multiple apparition sites around the world. The general premise is that chastisements would come to the world because of the grave sin of mankind. If one looks today at the heinous and godless agenda being promoted where there is now outright pagan practices, is a chastisement warranted? There is an agenda today to indoctrinate and corrupt young innocent minds like never before in all recorded history. There is a strong possibility the Lord will need to do something very severe to bring mankind back to their senses. The Lord Himself was descriptive and what He thought of someone who harms a child. If anything will bring judgment to a nation it will be intentionally corrupting and harming young children. Nearly the exact same wording is used in three gospels on someone harming young children —Mark 9:42, Matt. 18:5-6, and Luke 17:2.  Matthew writes: Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me; but whoever cause one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea. The principal sins bringing chastisement to the world are abortion and the harming of the innocent. Over the last several years we are moving into another dimension to transgender and transhumanism, where Satan is literally mocking God’s creation of man and woman.

A question would be, is do we deserve a chastisement? I once heard years ago, “if God does not destroy America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” Today, this may be accurate as we have grown so wicked.  Is spite of historic depravity of the past, no nation has allowed first graders and younger to attend events like drag shows that are promoted by city councils and school boards and paid for with public funds. Sin is being flaunted and celebrated, and those who object are being vilified and marginalized in the public square.

It must be noted that God does not punish. It is we who allow evil to operate in our lives due to sin. With sin, Satan can gain a toe hold, a foot hold or a stranglehold in the life of a person.  From there, Satan will gradually gain dominion over the individual if the sin is not stopped.  Destruction will then take over the life of that person. Isaiah said, “it has been your sin that separates you from God (59:2). Is the evolving global water crisis going to demand reparation for the world’s grievous sin? God is mercy and love, but prolonged sin will bring judgment to a nation. The slaughter of the innocents (abortion) will cry out for justice. Let’s take a brief look at what is happening with the water crisis. We’ll look at just a few of the great water bodies, although many more could have been added.  

The Mississippi and the USA

In the United Sates, the mighty Mississippi is at record low water levels encompassing three states for stretches as long as 270 miles long. It is the world’s fourth longest river and is a barometer of economic health of the nation, transporting oil, soybeans, wheat and all sorts of staples. Barges moving massive amounts of goods are not able to ship due to unnavigable water ways. The river is actually running dry in some places. Ship wrecks and other vessels that have been missing since the Civil War are being spotted up and down the river. On top of many of the multiple natural disasters from coast to coast affecting America, drought alone has cost tens of billions in lost revenue and damages on the Mississippi alone. The Mississippi is over 2,200 miles long. Bloomberg News reported during the first week of October 2022 barge shipments of corn alone were down 50% from the same time in 2021 where more than 2,000 barges were backed up due to low water levels. That statistic is just for corn, not the thousands of other goods and commodities on the way to market that need the river for transport. The river is so low, salt water from the ocean is pouring into the fresh water contaminating the drinking water. The Army Corps of Engineers is now building an underwater dam to prevent it from getting worse. Low water levels have happened before, but nothing seems to be as severe as what is happening now across the entire country—especially in the west. Rain and snow of the north can come and replenish the water from drought as it has done in the past, but is this time different? The answer may be yes, because this is now a world-wide phenomena that is simultaneously impacting the entire globe. The question must be asked, is there more going on here? Does God judge and chastise sin?

In a report released on October 13, 2022 by the U.S Drought Monitor, it was reported a total of 82% of the contiguous United States was abnormally dry or in a state of drought. The mega drought is expected to worsen, and with drought conditions, also come forest fires.

Lake Mead and Lake Powell

Lake Mead, outside Las Vegas, is the 16th largest manmade lake in the world and one of the largest lakes in the Western Hemisphere. Formed by the Hoover Dam along the Colorado River, the U.S. government established the Lake in 1963. Over 25 million people from Nevada, California, Arizona all the way to Mexico are dependent on the water from the Colorado.  Scientists fear Lake Mead could reach dead pool status. Deadpool is when the water level gets so low in a reservoir that a dam cannot produce hydropower or deliver water downstream.  As much as the damage has been incremental, it has also become visibly drastic in the last 20 years. High heat with little rain and snow has accelerated the evaporation of the lake to alarming levels in just the last several years. Some of the richest and most fertile land in the USA and California relies on the water from Lake Mead. Who will get that water in the future will become a big issue legally as states fight for jurisdictional rights. A great deal of law in the early formation of the west was centered around water rights and this battle will be no different. Whole cities in the southwest could become ghost towns in the future. In years past before refrigeration was common, salt was a valuable commodity.  Mariners could not sail without it as food would quickly rot. Water is worth more than gold, silver, diamonds, salt, and all other commodities combined. You cannot live without it.

In addition, Lake Powell is only 24% full and is at its lowest level since 1963 when the Glen Canyon Dam was built and filled near the Utah/Arizona border. Over 40 million people over seven western states rely on its drinking water, irrigation, and farming, and it is near critical levels. In October of 2022, Lake Powell’s water level dropped below a key threshold where water shortage will affect millions of people if things don’t change. Scientists predict there is a one in three chance in 2023 the Glen Canyon Dam will be too low to generate electricity that powers 5.8 million homes and businesses from Nevada to Nebraska. Scientists are saying it is the worst drought in the west in 1,200 years. Sunken boats, bodies, and all sorts of sundry items are being discovered in Lake Powell and Lake Mead as the water levels continues to recede.

The World

The water problems are not just in the United States, but global.  Pick a country and you will find many of the same issues with water. In China the Yangtze River the longest river in Asia (3,900 miles) are putting over 400 million people in harms way for the exact same reasons as the U.S., affecting global agriculture and supply chains. Water flow for the Yangtze is 50% below the water flow of the last five years and falling fast each year.

Italy’s largest river the Po, has fallen so low tanks from World War II are visible from its shores. The Rhine in Germany, the economic juggernaut of the European Union, is unable to transport coal and other necessary commodities in sections due to low water levels, as barges can no longer move goods. On the Elbe in the Czech Republic near the town of Decin, it revealed what is known as a hunger stone from the past. Etched into the rocks are the words ”Wenn du mich siehst, dann weine” (if you see me, then weep.) The earliest reading on the Decin stone is 1616.

The same can be said for the Volga River in Russia. Stretching 2,200 miles a similar situation exists as other countries.  Russian ships cannot pass in critical points for commerce and passage four months of the year due to low levels.

The Associated Press (AP), reports the Tiber running through Italy and the heart of Rome, that the stone supports are exposed for Nero’s bridge that was built in the first century. The Pineois River in central Greece from a distance looks like a small desert it is so white. The sand, bleached by the Mediterranean sun, one would never know there was once a river. There is not a cup of water to be found for nearly 16 miles. Scientists are saying Europe is facing its worst drought in 500 years.

All of this is a cumulative effect on the economy with no one being immune to the consequences. Due to the interconnectivity of the world economy, the problems are severe for nearly everyone needing something from someone else for everyday living. The cost of goods is skyrocketing on top of the worst inflation in over 40 years and people are being pinched. The entire food system is in jeopardy which could cause biblical pain. Depending on the country in which one lives, food wars are in the near future which will destabilize global geopolitics. Add the cost of fuel for all types of vehicles, and dangerously low inventories of diesel fuel to move goods by land, would be a once in a thousand-year event. Limited transport by water and diesel tractor trailer would be a first for the United States.  

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg are on the record stating they wish to accelerate the goal of America to eliminate fossil fuels and go green with sustainable energy. Therefore, the Biden Administration has created a situation of limiting drilling which has crippled refining capacities telling people to buy an electric vehicle (EV). According to Kelly Blue Book (KBB.com) the average cost of a new EV is $65,000 while the average cost for a gas-powered powertrain vehicle is $48,000. The average EV is 37% more expensive to purchase than a gas-powered vehicle. With families struggling to just pay for utilities and groceries, this scenario is not even remotely in the realm of being realistic.

When you have ideologues on the left who never worked in the private sector, this is the thinking you get with political appointees. Their misguided and dangerous goal of a utopia on earth is the major rift in ignoring the concepts of Original Sin and human nature. It is a perfect storm for chaos with the confluence of negative data beyond the emotional grasp of people. It is what happens when there is judgment on a nation and the blessing is removed for disobedience according to Deuteronomy 28. It is worth a few minutes of your time.

 America Under Judgment — Deuteronomy 28       

When you obey the Lord’s statutes and commands there are blessings. There is nowhere in Scripture this is more clearly stated than in Deuteronomy chapter 28. It is called the Blessings and the Cursing of a Nation or the Blessings for Obedience depending on which version of the bible you read. The entire chapter is 68 verses. There are a mere 14 verses at the beginning of the chapter how the Lord chooses to bless a person, a family, and a nation. They are clear, direct, and with no ambiguity. If there is obedience you will be under God’s protective umbrella with a hedge of protection around you. If there is sin and deviation from His laws, disaster will strike you, your family, and your nation. In verse 15 there is the transition to the curses to a nation one chooses not to obey His law. It reads, “but if you will not obey the voice of the Lord your God or be careful to do all His commandments and His statutes which I command to you this day, then all of these curses shall come upon you and overtake you.” For the next 53 verses the Lord speaks how there is judgment when not under His protection. This is precisely what we are watching in real time as the blessings have been and continue to be removed from our nation because of the room we have given Satan to disrupt our affairs. The blessings are simple. There is a blessing on your family’s general welfare, business, home, possessions, children, and health.  With these come prosperity and joy in life for a God ordained existence. When there is disobedience, everything incrementally unravels and there is chaos—precisely what we are watching in the United States and the world today.  Without grace there is a general disorganization in everything we touch when we deviate from His laws. We all need to make a choice to correct his downward spiral.  

                                                                 Jesus I Trust in You