To Harm One of These

And He said to His disciples, temptations to sin are sure to come: but woe to him by whom they come! It would be better for him if a millstone were hung round his neck, and he were cast into the sea, that he should cause one of these little ones to sin” (Mark 17:1-2). 

The above story is in the gospels of Matthew, Luke, and Mark.  If three of the four gospel writers tell the same story, when hundreds more could be told, it has importance. It could be safe to say very few people have ever seen a millstone were it not for old movies depicting an era far into the past. A millstone was a large grinding stone often shaped like a donut that would grind wheat, corn, and other food products into a flour or powder so it would be suitable to make something for human consumption. Millstones were so large, beasts of burden (or slaves) would propel the stone for the grinding process.  A thousand pound millstone would not be uncommon for use by a whole village. They were enormous in weight and size to ease the human toil of producing food.

When Jesus said it would be better for someone to be cast in the sea if anyone were to harm a child, people knew what that meant. It was a figure of speech all understood as the millstone was nearly as necessary for living only next to water and fire. Jesus is specifically saying death should be their fate if a child is intentionally harmed.

In recent years, many widespread cultures of the world have had an agenda to corrupt the morals of youth to justify and validate their own lifestyle. The number of young boys and girls sex trafficked is staggering in numbers. Behind this movement are adults prospering into the hundreds of millions of dollars (and much more) from the exploitation of the young for evil purposes. For a person to have some normalcy after such an ordeal can only come from a Divine healing. The long-term ramifications of these hurts and trauma are incalculable. The repercussions of wounds that a child endures has such profound emotional, psychological, spiritual, intellectual, and physical, the aftershocks are enormous for the rest of their life. Once the young are exposed to this lifestyle, it may take many years for that child to overcome deep wounds of all sorts.  

All over America, we have seen a trend for decades of a deliberate and a calculated plan exposing young children to a malicious diabolical Planned Parenthood agenda hatched in the lowest chamber of Hell. Government indoctrination by school boards mandating classroom sex education (an oxymoron) instruction is an assault on the young. This is often with visual aids promoting an immoral lifestyle that young children should never be exposed. Each year it reaches into lower grades corrupting the next generation. The evil perpetrators of such programs are masters of deceit.

For several years now we have seen drag queens and transgender people invading the public libraries throughout the country. They put on vile skits for pre K children with an agenda to normalize this behavior. I have yet to understand how a mother can subject their impressionable and innocent children to this, and actually clap and dance with the people putting on these vulgar suggestive “shows.” What needs to be noticed is how bold these people have become over the last several years. Parents need to understand it is not a time to be submissive and courteous to this behavior.  It is not a time for silence in the face of this evil. A Scottish MP by the name of Mhairi Black recently invited a drag queen called “Flowjob” to Glencoates Primary School in Scotland.  The drag queen had uploaded sexually explicit content to the school on Twitter. When parents complained, they were called “homophobic.” The drag queen read a lewd story to kids as young as four. The school kept the program hidden from the parents. What is worse for a child: physical or mental harm?  

Meanwhile, Disney is releasing its first animated movie called Onward with an openly homosexual character sometime month. Tax funded public education in Brooklyn, N.Y. is now indoctrinating children aged four in a class called, Transgender, and Queer Rights, Racism and Victimhood. Four years old!  The agenda is queer rights, a doctrine of transgender, feminist ideas, and gender diversity in the workplace.  It is a very rare child indeed, who in pre K that is interested in gender diversity in the workplace. The Lord has given children a beautiful sense of innocence called the latency stage, and when that is invaded prematurely, you will end up with an emotionally hardened soul and intellect void of the things of God. They should not be called public schools, but Government Schools or Public Indoctrination Centers. Think a few minutes and imagine this same agenda being promulgated for a child’s entire education through high school. Does one wonder what type of thinking that child will possess into the college years and into adulthood?   

If one thinks the practice of sex trafficking and the intentional harm and exploitation of youth is not widespread, consider what happened recently. A group of retired U.S. Navy Seals were tired of not seeing any changes coming from governments that were knowledgeable of this behavior. They then uncovered a database in Seoul, South Korea with over one million names from toddlers on up being trafficked. This is just one entity, where it is assumed there are many more. Powerful people are aware this is taking place, and little is being done.

The Kansas City Archdiocese led by Archbishop Joseph Naumann recently announced they are cutting ties with the Girl Scouts as they advocate an open policy on abortion, transgender, and LGBT rights. The feminist movement after decades of infiltration finally accomplished their goal of takeover from within. The problem is there are very few bishops with the guts of Archbishop Naumann.  To the contrary, many leading clerics behind the scenes by not speaking against it, are tacitly approving of LGBT rights. In addition, one of the America’s greatest institutions, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has a profound and admirable history of molding character in young boys for generations, just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  They know an avalanche of lawsuits with cases of pedophilia are coming their way, so they are front running the inevitable by filing for protection. The Boy Scout tombstone with its emblem may read: Homosexual Pedophilia Killed the Boy Scouts.  

For every Archbishop Naumann who is speaking out, there are too few bishops and clergy saying nothing to stop this tide of filth encroaching schools, homes, and neighborhoods like an unstoppable mass of hot lava devouring everything in its path. In Toronto, Canada last month parents asked Cardinal Thomas Collins to fire an elementary teacher reading pro-homosexual and LGBT books to fifth and sixth graders in a Catholic School. The teacher was reading books to his ten and eleven year old students called, Sparkle Boy, The Boy Who Cried Fabulous, A Tale of Two Mommies, and Tale of Two Daddies.  To date, the Cardinal has not issued a statement. 

A question I would ask is, Why are believers largely silent? What are people afraid of when they are watching in real time the destruction of civilization and God’s most cherished creation? His children. There will be one thing, and one thing only to get the attention of clergy to stop this tide of filth, and that is to hold back funds and donations until bishops and clergy start to speak up. Nothing else will get their attention.  For several generations, liberal clergy have used language engineering to socially steer people to godless social justice policies to an unsuspecting and gullible laity.  

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

The time of being timid in your faith has passed.

This brings us back to the words of Jesus, “but woe to him that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.” 

                                                    JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU