The Hour and the Day Life Changes for Tens of Millions of People

At some point in the near future, a decision is going to have to be made in households across the nation whether you and members of your family take a mandatory vaccine.  Whether it be called an Immunity Passport or by any other name, the United States Government in all of its many forms is pushing for a Covid 19 Vaccine. Tens of billions of dollars are being spent to find a vaccine that can stop the transmission of Covid 19.  Many credentialed respected health experts doubt it will be effective.  Yet, others are promoting it not knowing precisely the harm it may cause. This article is not how it may come back in a more virulent form, or any drug treatments, it is singularly focused on the fact we are heading rapidly into governments mandating a forced vaccine. 

If someone were to have a bushel basket filled to the brim with apples, and each apple were a social issue of any sort, just one of those apples, if it were labeled VACCINE, would be more explosive at many dinner tables and café’s than the rest of the bushel basket combined among many households. If you bring up the word VACCINE in mixed company where a person doesn’t know where other people stand, the waters may part like Moses raising his staff. Nothing is as divisive today especially for young families as vaccines.  Millions of families feel the plethora of vaccines mandated by government has been a contributing factor to their children being on the autism spectrum.

The extreme volatility of vaccines is on several levels.  First, is the general distrust of government from a concerned populace on the reasons for the vaccines, what is in them, and the general efficacy for its intended purpose. Years ago, those who questioned the motives of Big Government and their plans were considered conspiracy theorists and the far right.  Media portrayed these people as ideological extremists who question government far in excess. The strategy was and still is to take away their voice. But, the facts over the last several years have shown this group to be far more literate than the rest. Years ago, this group was considered fringe, but the truth is they were more aware of the insidious plans of government than the rest of the gullible public. Now, people have seen the whites of the eyes of the left and the destructive policies of the communists operating in stealth for decades.  Second, millions of people have an inherit distrust of government that has been verified in the last several years as legitimate. Their lies are now in the open for all to see.

Since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, a lot of information  about the nefarious machinations and deceit of the Deep State and Deep Church has come to light. Not just in medicine and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and its affiliated agencies, but in law enforcement, the intelligence community, executive agencies, the U.S. Congress, non governmental organizations (NGO’s), and a host of other socialist and communist organizations. While many believers slept, evil worked around the clock. It took a long time for the truth to come out on the plans of the Deep State, but there has been an agenda across the board to control the masses for decades.

At this point, people have drawn swords and taken sides of who and what to believe about Covid 19. A place where one can see this is how people talk and implement a mask policy. It is often an explosive situation because so many believe that the government is using the mask as a method to soften the beachhead as a precursor to a mandatory vaccine. Others believe there is honorable intent by government.  The mask is the ultimate psychological operation (psyop) and conditioning towards the ultimate goal of forcing the vaccine. The mask through social indoctrination gets people ready for the next step of voluntarily accepting a mandatory vaccine. The liberal group will not question its content. In 1968 there were 200.7 million people living in America.  An estimated 1-4 million died from the flu worldwide, and there was no hysteria from governments to lock down countries. 

Bill Gates is on the record that it will take at least two shots, and probably more for the elderly to be ready for clearance of their Immunity Passport.  MIT has been working on a hand held device that can detect if people have received the required shots before a person can be accepted safely into the general population.  It is something that resembles a “passport tattoo” that can be scanned.  An App will also be available on your phone to detect if all immunizations have been covered according to Federal and State protocols.  To believers who see a more insidious agenda, having aborted fetal and animal cells injected into their body (potentially in the Covid vaccine) will be unacceptable.  Science has shown that injecting an individuals DNA into another person has been the genesis of many illnesses. There is substantial empirical data with autoimmune disorders, with autism chief among them.


Crunch time is going to come when Federal and State governments mandate an Immunity Passport before people can be admitted into their place of employment, classroom, government building, favorite restaurant, Department of Motor Vehicles, and anywhere the Governor says you can or cannot go.  Unless you have the clearance that you have been vaccinated, you will at some point in the near future be precluded from entry to buildings and receive public or private funds.  If you are in a blue state you will have little option but to comply. In only but a few red states you may have a fighting chance as long as you don’t travel across borders. What will people do if a co-worker demands that unless everyone receive the vaccine and can prove it, they won’t go to work?  The classroom? Church?  Sports venues, a pharmacy, supermarket, Home Depot or Lowe’s?

The list gets long very fast, especially if a more virulent form of the Covid comes back, which it soon will according to many predictions. It is the very nature of a virus to mutate.  Robert Redfield, the head of the CDC said “expect the Fall (2020) to be the worst public health time in American history — surpassing 1918.” AIDS was first discovered in 1981, and there is no cure.  It can be managed, but there is still no cure. 

A recent poll said forty two percent of the population said they will not take a mandatory vaccine.  Will they still stick to that if their kids cannot go to school unless they can show their Immunity Passport? If the reach of the STATE says Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, be denied to a person who refuses the vaccine? The answer is yes. 

A gym owner in New Jersey opened for business when the Governor said not to open. Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey then had his locks changed by the police. The owner then took the doors off.  The STATE then shut his electricity off, so he then installed his own generator. The next day they shut his water off.  On August 11 by a vote of 5-1 the City Council found the owners of the gym in contempt for violating court ordered limits on indoor operation under emergency orders as ordered by Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Health Commission. The City Council then revoked their license to operate.  If they operate in defiance, will they suspend driving licenses?  If so, will the owner’s of the gym drive?  Can the owners then be arrested and put in jail?  How big will the fines be to penalize the owners? The reach of the State has few limits and will impose draconian measures to force compliance.  Meanwhile States allow casinos to open.  Is a casino or liquor store an essential business?  Is a bus seating 64 people with 340 square feet? The State can say what is essential, and you can rest assured if you are in a blue state, it will be an anti-Christian policy.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and world crusader for vaccines as a form of population control said, “Digital certificates will be used to verify and track those who have received the coming Covid 19 vaccine, those certificates will be used to determine who has recovered [from the virus], who has been vaccinated recently, who can do business, who can travel, and who can get services.” The enzyme that will make the Gates vaccine microchip implant work is named, LUCIFERASE, and its patent number is 060606. This sounds a lot like Biblical prophecy to me, and if not, it is a first cousin.

There is a lot of rhetoric with people saying what they will or will not do, but when it comes to finances and the inability to pay bills, hearts and minds will need to make a big decision – and millions of families will be forced to make difficult choices. If history is our teacher, it will be a small percentage who will do what is right because most people will resort to protect self-interests. What percentage of the people in Germany rose up against Hitler?  Ninety seven percent of the people of Austria embraced Hitler when he annexed it in March of 1938, and he was greeted by joyous crowds.  From the heritage of Strauss, Mozart, Haydn, Wagner, Schubert, and many others, brutes were bred in time of stress among an educated and civil society.  The people welcomed a despotic economic ruler with open arms.

For those wishing to dive a bit deeper into the back stories of the National Institutes of Health, The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci, big pharmaceutical companies using a NIH a tax payer funded agency as a wholly owned subsidiary, they should get the book, Plague of Corruption, Restoring the Faith in the Promise of Science, by Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively, 2020, 221 pages.  It has a Foreword by Robert F. Kenney, Jr.

If one wants to see a guaranteed conflict of interest, look no further than the “Bayh- Dole Act which allows federally funded scientists to patent discoveries” under their own name, Page 184, Mikovits.  Dr. Mikovits has accurately titled her book.

                                       JESUS I TRUST IN YOU

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