The Emergence of the Underground Church

Keep Calm And Carry On.
A British motivational poster in1939 England as they prepared to enter World War II. 

In the last several years we have seen a severe disruption in the cultural fabric of  the United States in nearly every category. There are few exceptions.  Every generation has its challenges, and this generation is experiencing a seismic shift. Generation X, Y, Z, and Millennials are about to come of age. Economic hardship gives rise to maturity and forces people to do things they would not ordinarily do. The U.S. is presently in the midst of a ferocious battle to determine the way America goes forward into the 21st Century. There will be only one victor, and it is the primary reason the battle is so intense. Both sides know only one ideology can win that will steer policy for the next generation(s). At stake are innumerable metrics of who and how we govern ourselves. If the present tide is not turned, we will soon have a Marxist atheistic communism envelop the land. Years ago it was the talk of those in the know, now it is more widely understood. Who will be chosen as a justice of the Supreme Court is most important to the left because the battle at the court level is nearly exclusively about abortion and LGBT rights as Justice Brett Kavanaugh found out.

A recent poll indicated forty three (43) percent of Americans saw some good in their lives come for the lockdown due to Covid 19.  Some were in depression, or near despair.  The lockdown showed chinks in the armor, such as who had parented well and those who had not, and many other things.  In adversity flaws and good character both blossom. People were running to the medicine cabinet for antidepressants that were in short supply, and prescriptions were dispensed for high blood pressure at a record clip. Marriage counselors had a great few months via Zoom and other similar technologies. Many people took the time to reflect on their lives at a far less hectic pace, and bicycle sales and repair shops are having a banner year. Bible sales and spiritual reading has been far greater than precious years according to book-sellers.  Many felt that the Lord was saying “slow down,” and this was the healthy aspect of the lockdown.  Many people reflected on what mattered most in life, albeit circumstances forced it. There is good that can come from hardship and suffering. 

Over forty million people without work is no small thing.  If we get a second wave and a more severe strain of the Covid 19 at a later date, that number may swell far above forty million. Those businesses that survived the first wave may not have the financial stamina to survive the second wave. Think of a prize fighter needing to go in the ring in successive weeks.  You don’t have much strength in the body immediately after the first fight.

The fear mongering worked to perfection as the global elite took the temperature of a church populace willing to submit their constitutional rights of freedom of worship and assembly even after the data was coming out. Covid 19 was nowhere near as severe as health scientists had originally said. One meme said, “Church service will now be held in the plumbing department of Home Depot.” Churches were held to strict compliance, but not other institutions.  Some in the Church hierarchy were in lockstep with godless governors. The left had an opening and they are driving a truck through it with little resistance, and with the full support of the democratic party. As the saying goes, “never let a crisis go to waste.”

Events in the Church were no exception. There were states completely locked down where some dioceses complied with governmental policy and never opened doors at all for any reason.  Other priests had Mass in parking lots while people stayed in their cars.  Other priests had drive in confessions, some had Adoration abiding by no more than ten people in the church, other priests held confessions on a regular basis only missing the first week or two for things to settle down as some models showed several million deaths in the U.S. alone was a possibility.  Some churches streamed the Mass over the internet and people were able to choose a Mass regardless of the state they lived. What evolved is that few of the government models were any where near accurate early on with the expected morbidity rate. With the Phase 1 openings, blue states, and red states were in unison on opening according to party lines. The battle to reopen was seen for what it is – political. Red versus blue states aligned like the north and the south in the U.S. Civil War. Until President Trump and his administration are defeated, expect no peace. This chaos will continue until the day of election, and if Trump wins again, violence may even escalate in other directions. It will be a modern day political game of “Whack a Mole.”

Archbishop Vigano, Cadinals Joseph Zen & Janis Pujats and other bishops call into question a total lockdown having strong restrictions of freedoms as a result of the Covid 19 outbreak before the data was justified for such measures.  They as many other believers feel the Church became a primary target of the left to further a political agenda to weaken the Church. Cardinal Muller of Germany rejected the thought he was a “conspiracy theorist” as the data became obvious. He said, “The concept of a forced vaccination is unacceptable and abhorrent to many in the Church violating basic freedoms.” These prelates and others assert that, “The Covid 19 pandemic is being used as a pretext by world leaders to control people, strip them of their fundamental rights, while providing a disturbing prelude to the realization of a world government beyond all control. The Catholic Church firmly asserts her autonomy to govern, worship, and teach.”

Archbishop Vigano goes further than most exposing the plans of a global elite wishing to subject the world to their leadership. In years past it was only a select few that saw the dangers coming from a several fabulously wealthy individuals and their goals of having the populace serve their whims and fancies, and how they wish to rule the world according to a godless atheistic ideology. Depopulation was paramount for this agenda to take place. Once it is understood that depopulation and infertility injected into vaccines is the primary goal of an elite few, data points fall more neatly into place on the overall plan to control people. Arch. Vigano has said, “Plans for a New World Order must be unmasked, understood, and revealed.”

Several leading Cardinals saw the pandemic for what it was. Cardinal Gerhard Muller, former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith(CDF) denounces world governments as using the pandemic to promote world government.  He said, “certain powers want to instrumentalize this situation to suppress the Catholic Church. It is no conspiracy theory where governments wish to implement questionable measures.”  He also said about forced vaccinations, “the threat has been made publicly that 7 billion people will be forcibly vaccinated even if the drugs have not yet been sufficiently tested, and that if people are not complying, fundamental rights will be taken from them. No one can be forced to believe that a few philanthropic super billionaires have the best programs for world improvement just because they have succeeded in accumulating a huge private fortune.”

Days ago the pandemic was the focus. George Floyd’s death was inexcusable by any means.  However, the chaos of the godless anarchists kicked into high gear looking for social change through violence and destabilizing society. These groups are repeatedly saying this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for change. The godless got a break and took full advantage of it. Pallets of bricks, baseball bats, and glass bottles appeared in the streets near the riot sites needs to be given more press — and who is doing it. Days ago the pandemic was the focus.  In hours it became the residual affects of Minneapolis.  Meanwhile many democrats are fueling the fire. Antifa is well organized, well trained, and well funded.

Now, with riots in multiple hundreds of locals and cities across the country, there will be more challenges going forward.  A lot more. The riots are being orchestrated by a virulent leftist political agenda. It is impossible to justify what the police did in Minneapolis, however, the left is using this circumstance to advocate and promote a far larger and godless plan for social upheaval. George Soros and his Open Society with about two hundred organizations under that umbrella are using this crisis to promote goals they have wanted to implement for several generations.  The repercussions coming out of this will be substantial.  Events will come at us like box cars now — one after another, and they will leave us dizzy and punch drunk.

So far, the agenda to weaken the Church has succeeded. The Roman Catholic Church is the single impediment in the way to bring in a New World Order according to Marxist principles. The goals of the left are to completely dissolve a resemblance to the past of the Constitution and Christianity. It is the work of a maestro choreographer. George Soros and men like him are like James Bond villains petting a cat on their laps while plotting world domination in real time using a script of social engineering to bring it about. It has been through Covid 19 with people watching videos on You Tube and other media more people are waking up how real this diabolical agenda really is.   

Between Covid 19 and the riots back to back, governmental control is looking like the USSR under Stalin.  In the parking lot at a Lowe’s Home Improvement near me  are two high towers  broadcasting rules of conduct in the parking lot with camera’s and loud speakers telling people how to act in and near the store.  At a tennis facility in a town nearby (a democratic stronghold) town employees are watching people play tennis making sure they are obeying the rules set up by the town. Reminds one of what it must be like living in North Korea with mandatory messaging from the Hermit Kingdom blaring propaganda several times a day giving instructions on how to live.

A plan of something similar to The Hunger Games is increasingly looking more like the streets we inhabit as it concerns state control. No matter the means or the end, it is about control and making the individual a tool for the state.  To control, the state must subjugate the individual, and the biggest prize of all is to eradicate Christianity.  It is here where the Church will be renewed and will blossom like it has in ages past.

But, the remnant will be the new underground voice. We are witnessing the emerging seeds of an underground church. As Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27).  The Church will shrink in size but it will become stronger in faith, and the gates of hell will never prevail against it.

The faithful know each other and the faithful know which clergy stepped to the plate on their behalf as victim souls rather than careerists. At annual fundraising events for conservative Catholic causes, it is the same people contributing year after year.  It is the same few at daily Mass providing philanthropy and time to these causes.

Also, it is only a few bishops speaking out globally.  One can take heart that when Saint Thomas More was under attack for not capitulating to the demands of King Henry VIII (the state) not granting him a divorce, only one Bishop in all of the British Isles came to his defense — Saint John Fisher.  Salvation will not come from the bishops.  The Lord is separating the wheat from the chaff and the sheep from the goats. America and the world are at a tipping point.  At valid apparitions sites throughout the world we have been told this day is coming.  It is now here and it is no time to be lukewarm.

Do not look left, nor right, but up. Our refuge is in Her Immaculate Heart, so look or travel no further to find peace of heart and soul.

                                                   JESUS I TRUST IN YOU