The Battle of the Ages: Heaven Identifies Its Target

“My kingdom is not of this world.” — John 18:36

History has rhythms of ebbs and flows, and is the natural course of all prior civilizations. America at this point in time is no different from previous empires, from those that have risen and fallen. There are times of tranquility, peace, and prosperity that often transition to times of confusion and war.

The USA, and the world at large, didn’t end up in this quagmire of a rudderless ship by accident. It is not a conspiracy theory to say that there has been a cabal of evil people to infiltrate the highest levels of government, commerce, banking, academia, media, film, science, and industry. It is an informed opinion based upon fact to say so. Those who dismiss serious conversation on many subjects are frequently ill-informed.

This cabal is now officially called the Deep State. They operate by constantly infiltrating institutions with people they have recruited and trained with their ideology and world view. They then live off government contracts for a high standard of living. Few bite the hand that feeds them. However, due to many sociological factors and the interconnectivity of the world with an internet connection where information can go global in an hour, these times are undoubtedly unique.

In 2001, I published a book called Hope of the Wicked, The Master Plan to Rule the World. It is a book about global leaders stating in their own words of their plan to usher in a one-world government. At that time that cabal was commonly called the New World Order which is from the Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum, which is a phrase on the United States currency, namely the one-dollar bill. It literally translates to “A new order of the ages” (is born) and is on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States.

Today, it is seldom called the New World Order, as it is now commonly called by the elites as The Great Reset. It is the cabal of the Deep State pushing this globalist agenda. Rather than names from the past, it is now present-day demigod despotic thinkers like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum of Switzerland and men like George Soros leading the activist pack.

All through time mankind has sought a utopian dream where people would live without hunger, poverty, disease, and a relative life of comfort and peace. Those dreamers forgot one thing that makes this thinking never possible, and that is Original Sin. No matter the politics of the day, the human heart is capable of evil, and without a sovereign God that is leading man, the dream will be an abysmal failure.  

In his State of the Union address before the joint session of Congress, on January 29, 1991 President George Herbert Walker Bush (41) belted out several times in his address enthusiastically envisioning the thousand points of light, “The New World Order—a big idea.” He said,

What is at stake is more than one small country; it is a big idea: a new world order. Where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind: peace and security, freedom and the the rule of law. Such is a world worthy of our struggle, and worthy of our children’s future.

The community of nations has resolutely gathered to condemn and repel lawless aggression. Saddam Hussein’s unprovoked invasion—this ruthless systematic rape of a peaceful neighbor—violates everything the community of nations hold dear. The world has said this aggression would not stand. …

Together, we have resisted the trap of appeasement, cynicism and isolation that gives temptation to tyrants. The world has answered Saddam’s invasion with 12 United Nations resolutions, starting with a demand for Iraq’s immediate and unconditional withdrawal and backed up by forces from 28 countries of six continents. With few exceptions the world now stands as one.” 

Years later, the U.S. government admitted there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was brought down as he would not go along with the Central Banks.

The question few ask is, “Who is going to run this organization? Under what ideology? Who are their masters? To what clubs do they belong? Whom do they owe their allegiance? What is their moral code?” The ideologues never ask these questions, but just plough through with an agenda of global government.

Plato and Cecil John Rhodes

In ages past, Plato (424-347BC) wrote about a Utopia, where there would be a ruling class, working class, and a military class. Utopia was a dream about an ideal city named Magnesia where man could live in an idyllic city state. It has been a dream of man to live together in harmony since time began. Many of the Utopian dreamers still cling to the hope that what Plato wrote in the past is still possible. The odd thing is, even in the Greek language the word Utopia translates to “no place.”

One such character among many seeking a utopia was Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) of England. The concept of Rhodes Scholars was funded by him. The program was designed to select an elite individual to educate them for the betterment of mankind according to their ideology. Thus, the Rhodes Scholar was born to attend Oxford for the grooming process. Rhodes is typical of those seeking that mentality to rule others thinking he has a better way to govern the affairs of men. However, what usually happens in the process is tyranny and chaos is the end result to achieve that utopian dream. There are usually a lot of dead bodies once the idea is implemented.

Rhodes was influenced in a lecture at Oxford by John Ruskin extolling British imperialism, and off he went to seek his fortune in the mining business in southern Africa. He dropped out of Oriel College early to seek his dream. He saw the British as the master race and became a fanatical British imperialist. In no time, he became a wealthy magnate. Originally, he made his money in the gold mines of the Transvaal and beyond.

Still young with underwriting by Rothschild and Company, he consolidated the diamond mines of South Africa that became known as De Beers Diamonds. It is thought he controlled nearly a million miles of land in all southern Africa. In 1891, he inaugurated the Society of the Elect and ran that to the end of his life.

At just 24 years old he made a will for the establishment, promotion, and development of a secret society for the extension of British rule throughout the world. The Society chose its members carefully with separate classes for entrants. Secret Societies play an integral role in grooming prospective potentates. This is the chosen method to grant wealth and influence to those seeking “an easy career.” No secret society is more influential than Freemasonry, which is global in influence.

Upon the death of Rhodes, the Oppenheimer Family took over the diamond mines, and the name De Beers has dominated the diamond market to this very day. After wealth and political influence, the country of Rhodesia was named after him, which today are the countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Rhodes in many ways is typical of the individual that thinks their way of ruling is superior to all others. It is said Rhodes displaced millions of South Africans, and in one day with something called a Maxim machine gun (a version of the gatling gun), slaughtered 5,000 men. As a true sadist, he and his homosexual lover sipped champagne that night. He is considered the father of African apartheid which was the precursor to American Jim Crow laws.

The stories of these men who wish to rule are eerily similar in many ways over millennia. Their dominant characteristic is the end justifies the means. For most throughout history, morality and God-fearing principles have not been the conduct of their life principles. Wealth, avarice, ego, seeking power and authority, are the reasons for their ambition. Often after they achieve wealth, they wish to rule others. With that money and influence they are capable of buying legions of people to subscribe to their programs. To the young seeking fame and fortune, as it did Rhodes, it is a siren song attracting the ambitious. 

The above is a concrete example of how wealth and power groom and nurture secret society inductees. Rhodes is just one example of many people that could have been used, but Rhodes Scholars are known, thus it is an appropriate example.

In youth, when financial needs are greater as you try to find your way in the world, ambition is often prevalent to compromise values to achieve goals, and the desire for empire is often front and center. Secret societies provide the contacts necessary to associate with the right connections to go where a young man wishes. Once immersed in that world, their agenda becomes your agenda if you seek privilege and advancement. It clouds the senses to what are the most important things in life. To get along, you must go along, and over time if you ever had any values and belief in God, they are often scrubbed for the allure of material wealth and all it has to offer.

This is exactly how we have seen the incremental rot in our institutions over the generations. Through infiltration of all sectors of institutions by these people, they have overtaken nearly every fabric of our culture. Their revolution was a quiet one, and well thought through. Through this means, they lessened the chance of a bloody battle in the streets. But overtake them they did—slowly, methodically, intellectually. Their plan was calculated and executed while many people of goodwill slept and never saw it coming.

The point is, the battle has always been the same throughout mankind. At its root, it is an anti-god mentality fighting the ways of God. Bestowal of the finer material things that life has to offer are placed on the table for those seeking advancement. It is one thing to have enough in life to provide for your own basic needs and those of your family, but, it is entirely another thing to seek great wealth.

Our Lady gives a message on this issue when she tells Father Stefano Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests about Freemasonry. Here she speaks about ecclesiastical Masonry, which she calls the Beast Like a Lamb. However, Father Gobbi says the same thing about secular freemasonry which she calls The Number of the Beast: 666. Under that title, in message 407e she says, “Ecclesiastical Masonry receives orders and power from the various masonic lodges and works to lead everyone secretly to become part of these secret sects. Thus, it stimulates the ambitious with the prospect of easy careers: it heaps up with goods those who are starved for money, it assists its members to exceed others and to occupy the most important positions while it sets aside, in a subtle but decisive way, all those who refuse to take part in its designs. Indeed, the beast like a lamb exercises all its power from the first beast, in its presence, and it forces the earth and all its inhabitants to adore the first beast.”  The first battle is the constant enemy of mankind, and that is Satan. God vs. Satan is the battle for the heart and soul of man from the very beginning to this very day. Few in the church understand the tools we have been given to wage spiritual warfare against him, thus Satan is many times the victor. The first beast is the perpetrator and the father of lies from the first battle in the Garden of Eden.

Below are quotes from the book I wrote many years ago – Hope of the Wicked. Names change, but the agenda remains the same by Satan. These elites still network, infiltrate, and reap the benefits. There is always a group who wish to control the destiny of mankind without God. I have been asked many times if I will do an updated version, and declined because the agenda is identical to what it has always been. It remains a revolving door of just different people following the same rule book. The evil cabal is still connected through secret societies that is regularly called the Deep State. It is beyond an ideology; it is a religion to Freemason participants.

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