Ten Commandments of a Father

  1. Develop an intimate personal relationship with Jesus, allowing him to forgive you, talk to you, heal you, fill you and guide you, then trust the Holy Spirit in all things. Trust Him to provide everything you need, including financial help.
  2. Get your priorities in order – Jesus first, wife second, children third, work fourth, etc. Write up a schedule of your week blocking out quality time for the Lord, your wife, each child, etc.
  3. Realize that you are the priest of the home. It is your prime responsibility to oversee the TV and its influence, as well as the books and the magazines that come into your home. You must stand firmly against all evil influences, asking constantly for God’s strength and guidance to lead your family in living a pure, holy, and non-violent lifestyle.
  4. Make sure you know what your children are being taught regarding morals and values at school. All teachers teach “in your place.” If objectionable subjects are being taught, you must stand strong. The primary place for Christian values and morals to be taught and practiced is in your home. This is an awesome responsibility.
  5. Pray with your wife. Try to share your spiritual journal with her. Trust the Lord to guide, purify, and sanctify your relationship. She is the heart of the home. Reverence her. Love her with Christ’s love and affection. Support her decisions whenever you can. Share her burdens, sorrows, and joys. Ask the Lord for the strength to love her with His love and purity.
  6. Spend quality time with each child. Treat each in a unique and personal way. The power of the father’s affirming love is overwhelming. Let each share their ideals, feelings, and problems. Share with your wife your insights concerning each child. Dare to discipline with love and firmness.
  7. Set up an altar in your home for family devotions. On it, place a Bible, statues of the Sacred Heart and Mary, and a book of family devotions and prayer. A good time for family prayer is right after supper. The family Rosary is a powerful prayer.
  8. Do not let sports or outside activities become more important to you or to your children than Christ and family. Spend fun time at home. Do things together as a family.
  9. Pray that each one of your children may answer the call that Jesus has on their lives. Never ask your children, “What do you want to be?” Father ask, “What do you think Jesus is calling you to be?” Help them discern their call in life.
  10. Try to go to Mass often, and take your family to Sunday Mass as family, if at all possible. Make Sunday the Lord’s Day and a day of family togetherness – a day of relaxation, prayer, and fun. This calls for imagination and planning with your wife. Try to go to Confession frequently with your family.